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Mashed Peas, You Are Cleared For Landing

The $25 Illuminated JetBib from ThinkGeek is by far the greatest advance in baby-feeding technology since the tit. The bib and wing tips feature flashing LEDs to...
November 24, 2009

Spoiled: Dad Makes Son Y-Wing Bunk Bed

Obviously vying for a coveted 'Father of the Year' award, some guy went and made his son a Y-Wing bunk bed and hangar themed bedroom. Impressive, guy,...
August 11, 2009

Babyglow 'Sleep Suits' Indicate Temperature

Babyglow Sleep Suits are basically Hypercolor onesies for babies. If the baby's temperature passes 98.6°F (37°C), it turns white, indicating possible sickness. Also, if it's vomit covered,...
June 21, 2009