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  • December 6, 2012
    This is a fan made Dragonball Z short. For the record, I don't know a whole lot about Dragonball Z except the whole "It's over 9,000!" thing, so I don't really have a lot to say except it seemed pretty good. Some people are even saying its better than the version Hollywood tr... / Continue →
  • June 6, 2012
    I got this tip both advertising the video as a fan-film AND as an actual teaser trailer for an upcoming high definition Wii U release of Majora's Mask. I'm gonna say it's just a fan-made trailer though, that way I don't feel pressured to buy a Wii U. It's kinda sad when the o... / Continue →
  • April 9, 2012
    This is a six-minutePAC-MAN movie called PAC-MAN The Movie. Despite how much thought went into the name, it's actually not bad, clever, and the production value was reasonably high. If you've got six minutes to kill, give it a go. If you've only got three minutes to kill, ju... / Continue →
  • April 6, 2012
    Good Friday? Make it a GREAT Friday and watch videos all day on the clock. This is a Mega Man X fan film shot by director Olan Rogers for $700. That's pretty cheap. Granted not as cheap as my roommate, but he mixes water into the milk carton to make it last longer. It's li... / Continue →
  • March 26, 2012
    This is a Bioshock fan-film called New Year's End. I watched it. Of course, I'd view anything Bioshock related which may explain how I wound up watching 40-minutes of a man-on-man porno after my roommate wrote 'BIOSHORK' real big on the DVD. Preceding the events of BioShock ... / Continue →
  • November 30, 2011
    This is allegedly a teaser-trailer for a Bioshock fan-film coming out summer of 2013. At first I wasn't that impressed at all because, f***, it's just a guy playing dead on a beach with a big daddy doll, but there's a single second of ultra-fast clips at the end. That...pique... / Continue →
  • August 23, 2011
    I hate posting two of the same subject in a row but you should really watch this thing. It's a Portal fan-film called 'No Escape' AND IS MOST IMPRESSIVE. Plus has a pretty sweet surprise ending. That's all, since I'm not giving it anymore time time I won't even count this as... / Continue →
  • July 28, 2011
    The title says it all. It's a well-made 15-minute Batman fan film that Geekologie Reader Alex U.'s friends made. It's got everything: costumes, decent cinematography, special effects, stunts, and choreographed fight scenes. Plus a twist ending! Now I don't want to ruin it f... / Continue →
  • May 31, 2011
    'Outside Aperture' is a 8-minute Portal fan film. It's really good. Like the muffins my elderly neighbor used to bake and bring over before I found out she made them with kitty litter (I thought they were pistachio bits!). I don't really want to ruin anything for you, so jus... / Continue →
  • May 27, 2011
    Note: Video has some cussin'. Ever wanted to see a fan-film combining one of the best video game franchises of all time with one of of the best movies of all time to produce a mediocre short? Well you're in luck, because this is that! I just hope you didn't waste one of thre... / Continue →
  • March 28, 2011
    I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the -- nope, dude shot me right at a f***ing wall. This is the fan-made trailer for a make-believe Angry Birds war movie. It was created by the same folks that brought us the 8-Bit Interview video posted awhile back but that probably... / Continue →
  • March 2, 2011
    This is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare themed movie trailer called 'Find Makarov' that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that fans are making movies I'd be more likely to go see than the big production companies. Just watch it. Then realize if 20th Century Fox was responsib... / Continue →
  • February 14, 2011
    These are parts 1 through 14 (10-minutes each for almost 2-hours 20-minutes of runtime) of a fan-made Star Wars documentary featuring all sorts of interesting facts, audio commentary from the cast and crew, alternative angles of scenes, etc. etc. It's called 'Star Wars Begins'... / Continue →
  • January 25, 2011
    Okay, so the Black Mesa short is a little higher in production value. Because independent filmmakers want to send a message to the big studios THAT IT SHOULDN'T TAKE $80 MILLION TO MAKE A SHITTY ROM-COM THAT'LL BLOW REGARDLESS, two different groups took it upon themselves to m... / Continue →
  • January 24, 2011
    This is a three-minute TMNT fan-film entitled 'Fight the Foot'. Personally, I'd try attacking the source of the odor first before cutting off the whole foot, but that's just me and I'm not into peg-legs. Anyway, I'll give you a brief synopsis: The Foot Clan comes to beat-up/p... / Continue →
  • September 21, 2010
    Remember the 30-seconds of cellphone footage from the fan-made Pokemon trailer? Well here's the whole three minute video (available in HD!). Now I'm not a guy who normally cries at movies, but watching Pikachu get beat up did make my eyes water a bit. Just kidding, I was huf... / Continue →
  • September 20, 2010
    This is a little Transformers movie made by a couple shirtless Ruskies. Ha, I didn't even know they had special effects in Russia! I thought it was all nesting dolls and vodka. That probably sounded racist aside, in Russia robots transform you. My new video experiment, base... / Continue →
  • September 15, 2010
    This is an allegedly screener footage from a "dark and gritty" live-action Pokemon movie that surprisingly has a lot of guns in it. I have no idea if it's real or not, so I'm just gonna copy/paste the email sent to Shogungamer and let you decide for yourself. You're a big boy... / Continue →