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  • March 20, 2014
    Hey guys I am having some personal health problems, so bear with me. This is the Doctor Who TARDIS LEGO set currently up for voting on the LEGO Cuuso website. Of all the sets I've seen on the site recently, I feel like this one might actually stand a chance. Whovians are pre... / Continue →
  • December 4, 2012
    This is a Dalek themed Christmas Tree lovingly decorated by Dain Sandoval. I really think it captures the true meaning of Christmas, don't you? "And that is?" LOVE. "What do Daleks have to do with love?" That was a piss poor lead-in, I get it. All I know is that if Santa ... / Continue →
  • January 28, 2011
    These $320 inflatable Daleks (complete with light and sound fx!) from Zappies Ltd are dropping in June and make the perfect gift for the 3-year old Dr. Who fan in your life. Which, fun fact, nobody has. You can sit in it yourself pressing 'GO' until the motor seizes up and ca... / Continue →