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  • March 10, 2015
    And just in time for the most epic St. Patty's Day ever. After being ruled unconstitutional by the Irish Court of Appeal this morning, the 1977 Misuse of Drugs Act is no longer in effect, and, as a result, the drugs it outlawed (including MDMA, ketamine, meth, benzodiazepines,... / Continue →
  • April 8, 2014
    Yes, of course Florida. This the CCTV footage of a topless woman in a thong (presumably on drink/drugs) going bonkers in a McDonald's. She yells at the employees, beats her head on the counter a couple times, climbs behind the counter and proceeds to knock a bunch of shit ove... / Continue →
  • March 17, 2014
    This is a series of 90's cartoon characters imagined as sad-ass drug addicts by artist Paul Ribera. They're all incredibly disturbing. Like walking in on your roommate with his penis in his hand. Because that happened to me. I mean masturbating is normal and all, but not wh... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2013
    A man named Batman Bin Suparman was recently jailed in Singapore after stealing his brother's ATM card to withdraw money, breaking into a business and stealing more money, and using heroin. Superheroes: they're not what they used to be. Or -- OR -- was Batman really under the ... / Continue →
  • August 14, 2013
    You know what the problem with amazing shows that revolve around the manufacturing of illegal drugs is? LEGO will never make them into playsets. Thankfully, Citizen Brick is to the rescue with this $250 Superlab Playset. It comes with over 500 pieces, including three custom... / Continue →
  • May 1, 2013
    This is a video of a woman presumably methed out of her mind doing her grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. I can't tell if the drugs make her super efficient at shopping or not, but my guess is she's probably not gonna be able to pay for everything she puts in her cart when she mak... / Continue →
  • February 22, 2013
    Because kids love experimenting in the dumbest ways, a group of fourth and fifth graders in South Carolina were recently caught smoking and snorting Fun-Dip powder and crushed up Smarties at school to create "smoke". What a bunch of morons. "Says the guy who's snorted salt an... / Continue →
  • August 10, 2011
    Seen here about to spike a woman's Mai Tai with a tropical Skittle, a creeper creeps on an unsuspecting pair of women. But thankfully, the straw, that, while normally clear, will turn cloudy in the presence of date-rape drugs GHB, ketamine and, after some further testing, roof... / Continue →
  • August 2, 2011
    This is a couple shots of Geekologie Reader El Gostro's homemade Pokéball themed herb grinder. It's for cooking. Jk jk, it's for grinding marijuana. But probably not the good stuff because then you'd want one with a keif screen to prevent all those trichromes from going to ... / Continue →
  • July 5, 2011
    Note: Video must be watched to completion. This is a video of a couple smoking salvia without anybody to keep an eye on them. It's...not a good idea. Eventually, Doro the Explorer gets restless and decides to take off an adventure. And what an adventure he has! SPOILER: Ri... / Continue →
  • March 6, 2011
    Should've called the Maytag Man. Get it? I'm gonna punch myself so hard! Clearly disregarding Captain America's hatred of illicit substances, 30-year old Colorado meth dealer AARON CASTRO spent all the proceeds from his lucrative drug dealin' on comic books. Like, $500,000 ... / Continue →
  • January 27, 2011
    Cannapult, get it? Like cannabis. Alternatively, the catapot. A catapult used to launch 2-kilo (4.4lb) bricks of shitty Mexican schwag over the border was confiscated by Mexican authorities earlier this week, bringing Wile E. Coyote's drug smuggling operation to a screechi... / Continue →
  • December 2, 2010
    I hate needles. Needles and robots can both go jump into a volcano as far as I'm concerned. Preferably one that leads straight to hell. But NOT a beach, because I stepped on a needle at the beach once and -- joking, that was a jellyfish. Still hurt though. Not as bad as th... / Continue →
  • November 29, 2010
    Seen here looking like the lovechild of a simian and the lesser GW, some kid went and made himself an XBox controller pipe. I assume this image was captured as he snuck out of his basement abode for a hit right before his mommy called him to Thanksgiving dinner so he'd be suff... / Continue →
  • November 17, 2010
    Bill Nye is the bee's knees. He's interesting and he knows science. What he doesn't know is pain or proper medical procedures, which is why he got up and finished his speech after fainting on stage during a presentation at USC last night. GOD, WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME -- I... / Continue →
  • November 2, 2010
    According to a recent study that took both the potential harm to the drug user, as well as others/society into consideration, it turns out alcohol is the most harmful drug, even above crack and heroin. Woopsie. Of course, the study was conducted by a one Professor Nutt, effec... / Continue →
  • October 11, 2010
    So yesterday at 10:10 it was 10:10, 10/10/10. I meant to celebrate but I started playing Peggle and forgot when it was getting close both times. Moving on: Carrie Fischer admitted to snorting the cocaines while filming on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Pfft, some princess... / Continue →
  • September 22, 2010
    Pfft, I was smoking LEGO blocks before they even looked like weed. Lego-Marijuana [nerdcore] via This Thing Looks Like That Thing of the Day [thedailywhat]... / Continue →
  • August 6, 2010
    That's right, a jet-powered school bus that tops out at 367MPH. Wow, just imagine what they could have done with the short bus I used to ride. I can see it now: "Liftoff in 3...2...DAMMIT GW -- STOP LICKING THE SEAT AND PUT YOUR HELMET BACK ON!" Indy Boys Inc, an Indianapoli... / Continue →
  • July 20, 2010
    Seen here looking a little spacy herself, this is a news report by Adrianna Iwasinkski regarding the dangers of digital drugs leading teens down the slippery slope to analog drugs and, eventually, to turning tricks in the mall parking lot to get their next fix (been there done ... / Continue →