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  • August 3, 2011
    This is an old SEGA Out-Run arcade game that's been mounted to a golf cart and programmed with custom software that, using two hood-mounted webcams, turns real-world roads and obstacles into in-game roads and obstacles. Better buckle up! Jk jk, it's a golf cart -- what's the ... / Continue →
  • April 5, 2011
    Note: Full-res version HERE in case you want to try to read cars' license plates (you still can't though is the thing). This is a Hot Wheels ad installation from Bogota, Colombia featuring a fake loopty-loop on an overpass. I'm not sure if it was designed to sell toy cars or ... / Continue →
  • November 17, 2010
    I didn't even know Batman had a van. Ooooor a blow-up Robin love doll for when he's crime-fighting out of town. So yeah, double-whammy. Anyway, this is a BatVan modded by some crazy Japanese fanboy. Although custom vans are just a bad memory in America, they are still hugel... / Continue →
  • November 3, 2010
    This is a video of some asshat driving while reading a book, Kindle and using a cell phone at the same time. Well, not exactly at the same time because he doesn't have twenty eyeballs (that I can see), but he does have enough bad decision-making skills for like six Darwin Awar... / Continue →
  • July 9, 2010
    This is a funny little video of Yoda doing his voice recording for the Star Wars series of TomTom GPS voices. I'm not even gonna lie: I giggled. Like a schoolgirl. Now you may be wondering, "but GW, how you gonna giggle like a schoolgirl if you don't have a plaid skirt and k... / Continue →
  • May 4, 2010
    Beginning this month, GPS giant TomTom will be releasing one Star Wars character a month whose voice will be available for $13 download to guide you to your destination. They kicked it off with Darth Vader, but next is C-3PO, followed by Yoda and Han Solo. You can hear some p... / Continue →
  • March 8, 2010
    Put your hand down your pants. Now feel around. Realistically, how many of your penises would it take to fill a hotdog bun? Four or more you may need a chrome Hummer H2. And thankfully, Germany-based CFC (way to screw the ozone, jerks) has got you covered. In adhesive chro... / Continue →
  • December 29, 2009
    So you're driving along when all of a sudden you can't stop your car. Shit, you've hit a patch of dreaded black ice -- what do you do? Personally, I'd turn the stereo up to 11 and pump my fist, but that's because I'm a superhero. Shocking driving condtions in Paignton (Eng... / Continue →
  • November 9, 2009
    A 68-year old South Korean woman just passed the written part of her driving test on the 950th try. God that's scary. After four years of trying, 68-year-old Cha Sa-soon finally managed to secure the 60 out of 100 points needed to pass the test. The grandmother has spent mor... / Continue →
  • August 29, 2009
    This is a fake commercial for iPhone apps. I thought it was pretty funny. And not just because stalking ex-girlfriends is funny, because that is only mildy humorous (but mostly sad and creepy). No, I just couldn't get enough of the guy's voice. I must have you on my home an... / Continue →