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  • June 27, 2014
    Hey kid, great job with the wood but I'm trying to drop a deuce over here. An ancient Neanderthal turd found in Spain has revealed that our ancestors ate not only meat like some scientists previously thought, but a mix of fruits, berries, nuts and tubers. Basically anything t... / Continue →
  • April 20, 2012
    According to a recent study by scientists at MIT, mice fed yogurt grew more luxuriant fur and larger testicles compared to those who ate normal mouse food or the equivalent of mouse fast-food. Haha, and you all laughed at me for eating Activia to keep me regular! First, the s... / Continue →
  • February 21, 2012
    This is a series of ceramic 'Transportation Plates' from designer Boguslaw Sliwinski. I dunno, they seem more like half transportation and half CONSTRUCTION plates to me, but what do I know? I know my name isn't Boguslaw, so I'm pretty confident I'm in the right here. As you... / Continue →
  • March 31, 2011
    J&D's, the same company that brought us bacon mayonnaise, bacon lip balm, bacon envelopes and bacon popcorn, is back at it, this time with huffable bacon-flavored oxygen. But, before I go any further, TOMORROW IS APRIL FOOLS' DAY -- don't let anybody fool you. So on that note... / Continue →
  • November 16, 2010
    Bob Mewse used to be 300 pounds. Now he's 200 pounds. All thanks to seeing a picture of himself on Google Street View, being thoroughly disgusted, and deciding to do something about it (and actually doing that thing -- that's the key). Me? I'm so fat I can't reach my belly ... / Continue →
  • November 9, 2010
    Kansas State University health and nutrition professor Mark Haub lost 27 pounds in two months thanks to a strict Little Debbie diet. His goal was to stress "that in weight loss, pure calorie counting is what matters most -- not the nutritional value of the food." Hence the be... / Continue →
  • November 30, 2009
    The Shoedini is a shoehorn on a pole. It's for people that don't like to/can't bend over to take their shoes off. I've got news for your folks: if you can't take your shoes on and off without a shoehorn on a stick, it's time for slippers. And probably a diet/will. Youtube ... / Continue →
  • June 4, 2009
    You just freeze a mint flavored Mento in an ice cube and then make a drink for a friend (read: enemy). Any artificially sweetened soda should work, but preferably something darker so the frozen Mento isn't so obvious. Then, a few minutes later when the Mento is exposed to the... / Continue →
  • March 20, 2008
    Everybody knows McDingdongdonald's and other fast food restaurants use red and yellow colors in their logos and restaurants because they're warm and make you hungry. And that's why they shy away from cold blues, because they have the opposite effect. Well now, thanks to these... / Continue →
  • August 20, 2007
    Those MIT geeks are at it again, this time developing a robot that is supposed to help you watch your weight and make healthier dietary choices. She interacts with you via touchscreen, where you can input the foods you've eaten, look up recipes, etc. She keeps track of your f... / Continue →
  • January 4, 2007
    This guy took pictures of what 200 calories looks like represented by different foods. It's not nearly as dramatic as you'd think though. I was expecting a shot of like half a peanut, but instead it's like entire bowls of yogurt, slices of bread, and pretty much anything else t... / Continue →