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  • January 17, 2014
    With air pollution nearly 26-times as dense as the World Health Organization considers safe, residents of Beijing watch the sunrise on a giant video monitor because you can't see the real thing. Pfft, who wants to see the sunrise anyways? I want to wake up at noon. Then go b... / Continue →
  • September 25, 2013
    Note: Larger version HERE although I don't know why you'd need a bigger version unless your state is number one in shitty vision. This is The United States of Shame (links to article with more info on each state), a map depicting what each particular state is worst at. Some o... / Continue →
  • September 10, 2013
    This is a series of Street Fighter characters digitally painted by DeviantARTist I-GUYJIN-I (aka Arman Akopian) along with a little story for each imagining where they are now. SPOILER: mostly down in the dumps. Apparently not everyone that participates in underground street ... / Continue →
  • May 16, 2013
    In news that would make anybody's blood boil who's spent two hours waiting to ride Pirates of the Caribbean with a bladder full of juice boxes, apparently rich Manhattan moms have gotten into the habit of hiring disabled tour guides to accompany their kids to Disney so they can... / Continue →
  • January 3, 2013
    A 16-year old girl and her 15-year old BFF (and future cellmate) used prescription sleeping pills to lace the milkshakes of the 16-year old's parents so they would fall asleep and the girls could use the internet after their 10PM 'no internet use' curfew. Presumably to webcam ... / Continue →
  • December 12, 2012
    These are the top 10 "trending" (search queries with the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2012 as compared to 2011) global Google search and Google image searches for 2012. All in all, a pretty depressing collection. Surprisingly absent from the list were ... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2012
    'Watching Cute Girl' is a depressing Japanese iPhone app that features a girl in over 180 pre-recorded videos where she just stares at you and says sweet things that nobody else ever will. It really makes me sad people use things like this instead of signing up for one of thos... / Continue →
  • April 20, 2012
    First of all, the fact that sex tourism even exists depresses the hell out of me. I'll take a beach and a tropical drink over a prostitute aaaaaaany day. But that's just me, and I'm not a big ball of sadness, desperate to get his dangle-down played with. Enter robotic prosti... / Continue →
  • February 21, 2012
    Seen here trying to look at both of us at the same time, this is a video containing "pretty much every denial" of Lieutenant Worf throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation. How he never goes Planet Express on everyone (get it? like going postal but in the future!) and kills th... / Continue →
  • February 3, 2012
    OMG we're so embarrassed -- let's eat our hands! This is a video of some guy (he says he's a student but I suspect he's a prowler) traveling around a highschool asking some reaaaaaaaally basic trivia questions and all the kids getting them wrong. It's depressing. The though... / Continue →
  • January 23, 2012
    Because men are constantly on the lookout for something that, if found by another human being, will forever brand them the saddest kind of pervert, somebody designed an iPad case with an integrated Fleshlight holder. For you innocent readers out there, a Fleshlight is a fake v... / Continue →
  • November 8, 2011
    Dum dum dum! Bright Blinds (concept posted back in '07, now a real product) are blinds with a light behind them designed to look like a window. But when you yank the cord to actually see out the window, PRESTO! there isn't one. Nope, you're just staring at the hole you punc... / Continue →
  • August 31, 2011
    "...he was here a minute ago." When you go how do you want your body finished off? I used to want to be shot out of a cannon but now I'm thinking I wanna be fed to sharks to kick off Shark Week one year. Pretty cool, right? "Whatever, just as long as you're dead." Damn y... / Continue →
  • August 8, 2011
    Note: This is only half the chart. Click HERE to see the whole thing because God forbid you a-holes take the moral high road. This is a flowchart of how to respond when you find yourself upset on the internet. Me? I'm an ignorer. But there are plenty of people who shoot st... / Continue →
  • July 13, 2011
    I've never seen 'Up'. I heard it was depressing in the beginning and I have a problem watching depressing stuff because I get down easily. Then stay there. Truthfully, I've never been able to pick myself back up after watching Atreyu lose Artax to the Swamp of Sadness in 'Th... / Continue →
  • June 28, 2011
    The Sense-Roid is a mannequin fitted with sensors connected to a tactile feedback vest worn by a user. That way when you dry-hump the thing you receive the same sensations it does. Creepy as shit! The system is composed of a lay figure with tactile sensors to detect the user... / Continue →
  • April 4, 2011
    This is a Cracked cartoon showing a much more realistic version of a Pokemon battle. SPOILER: It's depressing. I had to tell myself not to cry which was all kinds of awkward because everyone at Starbucks started giving me the stink-eye like I was some sort of schizophrenic se... / Continue →
  • December 21, 2010
    You better be careful visiting that house, Santa, because they will mistake your fat ass dropping down the chimney for the popo and stab you to death. God only knows what they'll do with the reindeer, but my guess is try to ride them like carousel horses until they all get the... / Continue →
  • December 7, 2010
    Because I like depressing the hell out of myself (I've been told it builds character), the top 10 Yahoo! searches of 2010 are, in no a very particular order (read: from 1 to 10) are, drum-roll please: BP Oil Spill World Cup Miley Cyrus Kim Kardashian Lady Gaga iPhone ... / Continue →
  • December 2, 2010
    Let's not kid ourselves: any urn without a really badass looking dragon on top is creepy. And an urn that looks like your ugly mug is just about as creepy as they come. Obviously, the only thing worse would be genitalia-shaped urns, which I can't believe I just wrote. I bet ... / Continue →