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  • June 5, 2014
    These are the Transformer trucker hats with masks available from Stylin' Online ($22). You can choose between an Autobot hat with Optimus Prime mask or Decepticon hat with Megatron mask. If you're buying one to rob a bank though I suggest going with Optimus so security won't ... / Continue →
  • October 4, 2013
    Note: I know that picture looks boring as hell but if you skip around in the video it is actually kind of neat to see the cubes move around and connect. First WildCat the running robotic predator, and now MIT's M-Block swarmbots, a bunch of cube-shaped robots that are "self-as... / Continue →
  • June 7, 2011
    This is a lil robot that looks like a beer can until it sprouts tripod legs and starts dancing around on the table (NOT like a sessy table dance -- if you're hoping for a sessy table dance don't even bother watching because you're gonna be disappointed). I assume it opted to d... / Continue →
  • September 10, 2010
    THEY'RE CALLED DECEPTICONS FOR A REASON, MORONS. Basically what these two jerks did is program robots to play hide-and-seek, and for the hider to leave a false trail for the seeker to follow. Wonderful news, really. I couldn't be happier right now if my genitals were on fire... / Continue →