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Breath And Feet Sniffing Robots Insult Bad Smellers

These are the Kaori-chan and Shuntaro-kun robots developed by CrazyLabo and the Kitakyushu National College of Technology in Japan. Equipped with air-quality monitors, Kaori-chan (the lady) sniffs...
May 7, 2013

Skeletonics Suit < Ripley's Power Loader

Seen here about to make two heads roll at once, a chick dude somebody demonstrates a Skeletonics exoskeletal suit. Amazingly, the entire thing is unpowered, making it...
March 10, 2011

DO NOT WANT: Creepy Humanoid Robot

Another day, another deathbot. I didn't realize just how quickly humanoid robot technology was progressing until I watched the video of HRP4 here in action. I found...
September 17, 2010