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  • January 24, 2013
    Honestly, how good can an iPhone case be if doesn't have a cup holder? Mad shitty at best, right? Enter the UpperCup, an iPhone case that promises to remedy that. Like the ramen soup bowl iPhone holder, the UpperCup is part of a growing trend to get hot liquids as close as p... / Continue →
  • May 27, 2009 is a website database of movies currently in the theater with notations that let you know when it's a good time to run to the bathroom. As you can see, this is the runpee chart for Terminator Salvation, which features several opportunities to drain your dragon. Of ... / Continue →
  • February 28, 2009
    Oh hell yes. Now that's what I call drinking like a king! A Lich King. ZA-ZA-ZA-ZING! These World of Warcraft beer steins come in three models: the Lich King (pictured here), the Blood of the Horde, and the Alliance United (go HERE to check those out). Each costs $90 and i... / Continue →
  • January 20, 2009
    Why you'd need a vending machine for a product that only requires hot water and three minutes to be ready for consumption is beyond me. Yet, here it is, a Cup Noodle (I always thought it was Cup-O-Noodles) vending machine. It's small enough to fit on a counter top, and incl... / Continue →
  • November 25, 2008
    The Carbon Motors E7 is a new police cruiser that addresses safety and performance issues neglected due to the current practice of retrofitting Crown Victorias/Impalas. Right now fire departments, emergency medical technicians, the military, and even mail carriers all use vehi... / Continue →
  • June 27, 2008
    The Starbase Alpha Boom Boom Room Workstation Arm thingy is ridiculously named and holds either a laptop or LCD monitor while you're playing with yourself in bed or asleep on the can. Workstations available for use with either a Laptop computer(ST-03) or for use with an LCD ... / Continue →