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  • April 8, 2013
    It even has a princess to save! You know what sucks about cubicles? Everything. But at the very top of the list is definitely how hard they make it to pretend you work in a castle. Thankfully, one intrepid DirecTV employee solved that problem by converting his cubicle into ... / Continue →
  • November 22, 2010
    Trying to visit pr0n sites late at night without your girlfriend waking up? HA -- GIRLFRIEND! Good one, GW. But maybe you need to silence your hunt-and-pecking cubicle-mate before they drive you to stabbing them with a letter opener (I say do it anyways). Enter the $36 Than... / Continue →
  • August 3, 2010
    Welcome to Cubicle Funland, the happiest place on earth to work. Don't feel like making the trek to the bathroom? Just pee in the ballpit -- your kids do it! Speaking of which: did I ever tell you when I was a kid I used to play treasure hunter and dive to the bottom of the ... / Continue →
  • June 29, 2010
    This is a portable office on wheels that has everything you need to pretend you're working just hard enough to not get fired. When unpacked it contains a desk, two chairs, some file organizers, a coffee maker, a light and a printer. What's that? Oh, sorry -- no printer. Al... / Continue →
  • April 15, 2010
    With the $2,600 Little Tykes Young Explorer work station, that's how. It's basically a glorified cubicle, for kids. Because childhoods are overrated anyways. Furniture features: * Flat desk area * Left and Right built-in mouse pads * Bench seat that fits tw... / Continue →
  • January 12, 2010
    FINALLY, a tape dispenser that cuts tape with a straight edge. I think I speak for us all when I say IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. Zig-zag edges are sooooooo 1900's. Also, tops you can't see through. Ahem, ladies. This is the 2000's -- GET WITH THE FUTURE! As you can see, the bla... / Continue →
  • May 14, 2009
    Now you see folks, THAT is how you quit a job. Remember: the goal whenever leaving an organization is to ensure it crumbles behind you as you walk out the door. So, at that very moment, your employer realizes just how under-appreciated you were. And then is crushed under the... / Continue →
  • April 29, 2009
    Farbs, a game developer working for 2K Australia quit his job, and this is how he submitted his two six weeks -- with a custom game (A Message for 2K Australia)! And I'll tell you -- it sure takes the cake over this resignation! *brutally punching myself in the balls* Farbs ... / Continue →
  • March 14, 2009
    Donald Kenny gets bored at work. REALLY bored. So what does he do? Sneak out the back? Play video games? Surf Facebook incessantly like a normal person? No. He makes Mario Kart sculptures using office supplies. As you can see, this is a paper clip and wire Mario. Good ... / Continue →
  • March 6, 2009
    From meninos, the same company that's bringing us tampon flash drives, comes some Photoshop/Illustrator picture boards. They're basically magnetic whiteboards that come with magnet sets that look like the various Photoshop/Illustrator toolboxes. The toolbox magnets for either... / Continue →
  • January 30, 2009
    Been working on solving a Rubik's Cube for the last 26 years? Congratulations, you wasted your life. Keep at it, champ! Alternatively, get CubeCheater for your iPhone, take pictures of all the cube's sides, and PRESTO -- you've effectively defeated the purpose of playing wit... / Continue →
  • January 22, 2009
    A Yoshimoto Cube is actually two separate cubes nested together. The technical terminology for the change is "the transformation of two stellated rhombic dodecahedrons from a cube". Honestly, I just like listening to this guy's voice. It's soothing, like a homicidal maniac's... / Continue →
  • January 14, 2009
    It took Graham Parker 26 years to finally solve the Rubik's Cube he bought back in 1983. If you can't tell by the picture, he's really proud of himself. Kind of reminds me of the first time I ate a 72-oz steak and got my picture on the wall. 'I cannot tell you what a relie... / Continue →
  • December 4, 2008
    The Annoyatron 2.0 is a little gadget that makes annoying noises at random so you can drive a very special coworker to the point of stabbing you and/or stealing your lunch from the communal fridge. The sounds are as follows: -15kHz (Mosquito tone) (full volume) -Cricket chirp... / Continue →
  • October 28, 2008
    Tuttuki Bako is a new video game where a player interacts with the device by sticking their finger in a hole. Your finger then appears on the LCD screen, and you can make contact with the characters in the game. If you can even call this a game -- all I saw was some chick fin... / Continue →
  • August 20, 2008
    This solar panel tie collects light and, through a process that even Scientologists don't understand, converts it to usable energy. The tie has a little pocket on the back that stores the gadget you're charging, and is completely impractical. I'm all for green shit (figurativ... / Continue →
  • July 28, 2008
    When I was shopping for just the right ass-receptacle for my cubicle, I considered the ejector seat chair, Hula chair, and tank chair. Unfortunately, I didn't know about these fast little numbers at the time. RaceChairs are actual seats from sports cars that have been convert... / Continue →
  • July 28, 2008
    Tilted Twister is a robot built from a Lego Mindstorms NXT set that can solve a Rubik's cube. Tilted Twister solves Rubik's cube fully automatically. Just place the scrambled cube on Tilted Twister's turntable. An ultrasonic sensor detects its presence and starts to read the ... / Continue →
  • June 30, 2008
    Thats right folks, McFarlane Toys has partnered with Activision to make a line of Guitar Hero themed action figures. They'll be hitting stores in November (in time for Christmas/robot apocalypse) and will each feature 15-18 moving parts, stand abound 6" tall, and run $10-$15. ... / Continue →
  • June 25, 2008
    IMAGE REMOVED AT REQUEST OF SKY FACTORY Sky Ceilings are probably an old as hell idea. So old. Your mommy probably read you a news story about them when you were a child. Yet, here they are -- weird. Sky Ceilings were designed to mimic daylight and change with the time of da... / Continue →