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  • January 2, 2013
    As I'm sure you all heartbreakingly recall, Hostess went out of business, taking Twinkies with them. So what's an overweight glutton to do for their prepackaged sponge-cake fix? Enter Little Debbie's Cloud Cakes, a Twinkie knockoff ready to fill the market (and your mouth!) w... / Continue →
  • August 22, 2011
    This is a small gallery of video game monies. ,mkmmnjn nbnb n n Sorry, my dog typed that and it would hurt his feelings if I deleted it. Good boy -- you did good! "Funnier than you could've written." Holy shit he can talk. "Leave the door open when you go to the bathroom... / Continue →
  • July 29, 2011
    Apple, a company best known for its popular Apple II computer system during the 80's (right?), officially has more cash lying around than the US government. Uncle Sam? No -- Uncle Jobs. Haha, what do you mean, "I want YOU"? Moooooooom -- your brother's being weird again! A... / Continue →
  • June 21, 2011
    Seen here sporting the handsome visage of Mark Twain Sir Robert Borden, the Bank of Canada's governor Mark Carney (who's made out with the bearded lady before but won't admit it) shows off the country's new plastic $100 bill. The $100 will be the first of the bills (Canada's ... / Continue →
  • June 3, 2011
    This is a giant (30 picture) gallery of U.S. currency that have had pop-icon facelifts courtesy of artist James Charles (who has two first names). They're all incredibly well done and are selling at the Shooting Gallery art gallery in San Francisco for $600-$1,000. But they we... / Continue →