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  • October 2, 2014
    These are the $16 DC Comics Batman Batmobile Slippers available from Hot Topic. They look like the Batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie. But for your feet. You know what would make them even cooler? If the wheels were actual rollerskate wheels. Still, I give them 4 out of ... / Continue →
  • July 11, 2013
    This is the Quarts Armchair (really? Then where the f*** are the arms?) designed by CTRL ZAK and Davide Barzaghi. It costs $14,000 and resembles the Aggro Crag from Nickelodeon's 'Guts'. No? Well what about Superman's Fortress of Solitude? MOVING ON. Each boulder fits int... / Continue →
  • October 22, 2012
    This is a giant $280 Totoro sleeping bag/bed (eBay product site HERE) from Hayao Miyazaki's 'My Neighbor Totoro', which I own on Blu-ray and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Unless you want to come over and pop some popcorn about it, in which case bring some candy... / Continue →
  • November 15, 2010
    A $30 remote that doubles as a pillow: terrible idea. A $30 remote that triples as a car and microwave: pure genius. Unfortunately, this isn't about genius, this is about crappy novelty products even your parents won't hesitate to re-gift. Never again will you have to ask, "... / Continue →
  • June 25, 2010
    Note: Video is after the jump because I don't want you kids getting any ideas (yes, yes I do too -- you should try it with the tailgate down). This is a video of somebody's grandpa passed out in a La-Z-Boy in the back of a speeding truck. Actually, he might be dead. But if... / Continue →
  • January 15, 2010
    Sleep Suits are genius. Basically you put one on, and then look like a huge f***ing (comfortable) jackass while you sleep -- anywhere! Plus, they have perforations all over that allow "human contact". I love being groped! The suit is inspired by Buckminster Fuller's practic... / Continue →
  • December 7, 2009
    If a trio of howling wolves and moon are so powerful, I can't even imagine WTF is gonna happen when you don an adult-sized onsie with them printed all over. Plus, they come with non-slip booties and a "trap-door" back that allows you to go # 2 without taking them off (or filli... / Continue →
  • November 20, 2009
    Google toilet paper: made with 100% virgin pulp and available in Vietnam. Per a questionable translation of the text on the bag: "Very long, soft, smooth. Of high vacuum, because you always!" HIGH VACUUM, OF COURSE I ALWAYS! Dingleberry free, just sayin'. This Google's made... / Continue →
  • November 4, 2009
    This 4-piece luggage ensemble by Dutch designer Erik De Nijs forms a comfortable little sofa when you're not dragging it around the airport. Sure it's all mixy-matchy, but maybe Erik is blind and the woman at the fabric store didn't have the heart to tell him he chose four dif... / Continue →
  • September 25, 2009
    This is a jacket made out of teddy bears from artist/designer Sebastian Errazuriz (who also brought us the zipper dress). I like it, it looks really comfortable. Now I know what you're thinking, "I bet that son of a bitch GW still sleeps with a teddy bear!" AND SO WHAT IF I ... / Continue →
  • July 27, 2009
    People's ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. Take this custom motorcycle seat for instance. Just imagine the lumbar support! But the question remains: is there enough room to add a baby seat? BECAUSE MY BABY WAS BORN TO RIDE! And by 'my baby' I mean I sit with a hot comput... / Continue →
  • April 30, 2009
    I was gonna do the whole FAKE! bit on this post but then I realized I've done it like three times already and that's way too many for any one person, so I decided not to. Anyway, this is a set of Adobe icon pillows, featuring all your favorite design programs like Photoshop, I... / Continue →
  • April 13, 2009
    Lippi Selk'bags cost $125-$150 and look like wearable sleeping bags. Because that's what they are -- sleeping bags that you wear. Any of you lovely ladies interested in sharing one with me? Awesome -- I get it on weekends! Lippi's Selk'bag is made for mobility, comfort ... / Continue →
  • February 25, 2009
    Sadly, they're not the sort of dinosaur bone pillows I was hoping for. But they'll have to do. Or, I'll have to do, rather. Sayaka Yamamoto has designed replica of real dinosaur bones made from soft rubber-coated foam. Imagine yourself curling up on a T-Rex tail with a good ... / Continue →
  • February 22, 2009
    Let's be honest with ourselves: sleeping is awesome, especially in class or at work. But face down on the keyboard isn't exactly the most comfortable position (4th, behind 'in the handicapped stall'). Well enter Pilo-Pilo, a $25-$35 pillow ring made for falling asleep on and ... / Continue →
  • November 10, 2008
    While this was originally designed as a barstool for kilt-wearing Scots, I think we can all agree it doubles as the world's most ergonomic computer chair. It even has an ashtray for cigars! Scottish Bar Stool (for Kilts) [imagef1] Thanks to Ubergeek85, 85th in line for the t... / Continue →
  • September 18, 2008
    First of all, what in the hell is a 'toilet paper researcher', and how do I become one? Secondly, this is ridiculous. I've been wiping with the comics for years, and let me tell you -- you could probably read Garfield on my buttcheeks. Yes, there is such a thing as a toile... / Continue →
  • July 1, 2008
    From Sumo Lounge, the same company that brought us the Omni Chair, comes the SumoSac. I personally have one, and it's awesome. And I'm not just saying that because I want to get in good with the company so they'll send me that model's number, but I do think we'd make a good c... / Continue →
  • May 2, 2008
    Looking for a unique couch? Looking for a unique couch made out of a "display model" coffin? If so, check out these Coffin Couches. Each one is constructed from a real dead body receptacle (last year's models) and can hold up to 900 pounds (despite the spindly looking legs).... / Continue →
  • April 30, 2008
    These are bicycle seat covers for all you pervs out there with a "sitting on animal heads" fetish. You're my kind of people, high five! Okay, now police, round up anyone who just tried to give me a high five. Whew, now that the freaky deviants are out of here, let's get down... / Continue →