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  • August 9, 2013
    This is an ultra realistic picture of Stephen Hawking drawn entirely in black Bic pen by my buddy Jesse Starr (of Bic pen Christopher Walken, Optimus Prime and that time-lapse painting he did of me riding a t-rex battling a volcano fame). It took Jesse 51-hours to complete and... / Continue →
  • June 17, 2013
    You know what the main problem with guinea pigs is? They're vulnerable in battle. Thankfully, eBay seller mightys0x in selling this custom made guinea pig sized scale mail. 100% of the proceeds from the sale go to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, which is very noble of the se... / Continue →
  • May 31, 2013
    This is the custom Minecraft themed lawn chair built by Redditor kaptaingunner to be sold at a fundraising event. What kind of fundraiser? No clue, but I just bid a million dollars on it, so hopefully not one for the advancement of robot technology. In my mind it was cancer ... / Continue →
  • December 7, 2012
    Because what fun is collecting something piece by piece when you can just get them ALL AT ONCE, here's a massive 1,950 Star Wars action figure collection for sale on eBay. I know at least two people in real life who are trying to conceal boners right now after seeing this. An... / Continue →
  • November 1, 2012
    Come hither. Because he realizes just how badly he's sinned and is trying to make up for it in his old age so he can go to heaven instead of the depths of hell like I imagine him screaming from in my dreams, George Lucas has announced that he's giving away the majority of the ... / Continue →
  • March 23, 2012
    No really, it's doing great *eyeroll* This is a video of a man with nerves of steel and brains of porridge letting a robotic barber shave his head. I can't give him too hard of a time though, because it was performed to raise money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, a childre... / Continue →
  • May 8, 2011
    'Raspberry Pi' is a $25 computer on a USB drive. It's also delicious, so I'm more than a little miffed I don't have anything but a half gallon of Juicy Juice and a single expired yogurt in the fridge right now. Oh -- what's this?! Moldy cottage cheese. *tastes, begins retch... / Continue →
  • March 22, 2011
    For the next day and change, until MARCH 24TH, 5PM JAPAN TIME (MARCH 24TH, 3AM EST), Tokyoflash is giving 100% of all purchases values to the Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund. So now you can buy the watch you've always wanted and donate to charity at the same time. It's the feel-... / Continue →
  • October 1, 2010
    This is a sculpture of actor Kevin Bacon made out of bacon. Personally, I think it looks more like Conan O'Bacon, but what do I know besides everything including the secrets to time travel AND blemish free skin? Did I mention Kevin Baconface here is for sale on eBay? Because... / Continue →
  • June 3, 2010
    IGN personality and gamer-girl extraordinaire Jessica Chobot recently had her breasts cast and painted in a God of War theme to help raise money for the Keep-A-Breast Foundation (personally, I'd like to see you ladies keep them both). The chestpiece was painted by Sony artist ... / Continue →
  • April 28, 2010
    NOTE: Several more pics, five videos and a link to over 100 more pictures after the jump. I was going to type some words here but then I realized that would be a waste of my fingers, so I recommend you just go ahead and hit the jump. Unless your name is Luke, in which case I ... / Continue →
  • April 22, 2010
    This is an XBox customized by Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop to celebrate the millionth 360 sold in Australia and New Zealand. I'm not sure who the character is, but I suspect he's like an Australian G.I. Joe or something. As you can see, dude is shooting one side while some... / Continue →
  • October 27, 2009
    You probably already know this because you searched "giant LEGO Mario" on eBay this morning, but for those of you that didn't, the world's largest LEGO Mario statue is for sale on eBay. Biggest Lego-Mario in the World - (Size over 5 ft 9 / 70.8 in) Game Mania Started the buil... / Continue →
  • October 26, 2009
    Ever wanted a bedspread that's printed to look like a bunch of cardboard boxes taped together? Who hasn't!? And one that looks like a snake pit, am I right? No -- just me? What the hell's the matter with you people? This high quality duvet cover features a photographic pri... / Continue →
  • July 15, 2009
    A bunch of Mighty Mugg vinyl dolls are being customized into Star Wars characters and auctioned off to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. *sniff* Almost brings a tear to my eye. Almost. Thankfully I was able to punch back the tears. All man, baby. (I'm gonna need a... / Continue →
  • May 12, 2008
    Well folks, we missed it. A chance to toss twenty-sided dice and play with chicks. This Dungeons and Dragons themed charity event took place last Friday (May 9th) at 826NYC (a nonprofit organization whose aim is to help young kids develop their writing skills) and the winner ... / Continue →