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  • May 6, 2010
    Since all of you loved yesterday's Resident Evil cake so much and weren't jerks who left nasty comments (yes, yes you were), here's another confectionery delight -- a 60th anniversary Candy Land cake created by DebbieDoesCakes (....). OMG I wanna vacation there so bad! I'd ea... / Continue →
  • April 26, 2010
    This is a series of experimental gummi bear surgeries. This is only one though, and not even the best, so you'll have to hit the jump to see them all. I particularly liked the heart transplant, brain transplant and dinoplasty. That reminds me: when I was a kid I used to brea... / Continue →
  • April 26, 2010
    First off, what the hell kind of underwear are you wearing? It looks like a roll of gauze from the doctor's office. Which is to say, sexy. Don't act like you've never pleasured yourself to the anatomical chart on the door! Secondly: milk, milk, lemonade, around the corner w... / Continue →