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  • November 2, 2015
    This is a zombie cake made by Cake Cove for a recent zombie horde event in Toronto, Canada. It is half beautiful looking wedding cake, and half zombie blood and guts. Pretty sick. I would have a hard time taking a bite out of that. You know what I don't have a hard time tak... / Continue →
  • October 13, 2015
    Because people stopped making sense and good decision a long time ago, this is the severed heads wedding cake an Austin, Texas, couple had made in their own likeness. I don't really know what to say. I bet the bride's grandmother did though. Probably something along the line... / Continue →
  • January 28, 2015
    Remember those animal face with ears panties made by Etsy store Knickerocker? Well now they're back with these cupcake panties. They have frills and look like cupcakes and cost $45 a pair. Obviously, probably not the best choice for period panties. Just being honest. I lik... / Continue →
  • August 22, 2014
    This is a video from Unifiller showing off their line of robotic cake decorators. They can ice a whole cake AND add the little swirl and dollop decorations, pretty much rendering that sweet old lady at the grocery store obsolete. That's cool, I'm sure she has plenty of other ... / Continue →
  • December 12, 2013
    Seen here posing with my Aunt Teresa, these are the two five-foot Dalek wedding cakes baked and decorated by Dinkydoodle Designs for a couple's Doctor Who themed wedding reception. The theme for my wedding reception? End of the World Party. There won't be an open bar though,... / Continue →
  • June 19, 2013
    This is the Super Mario Bros cake made by DeviantARTist CakeCrumbs (of earth layers cake fame). There's also BONUS Majora's Mask, Skyward Sword Furnix dragon and Beamos cakes after the jump. Bonuses are all the rage now by the way. Bonuses are like when you get a little some... / Continue →
  • November 19, 2012
    This is the 'Winnie the Who' themed cake featuring Tigger as the Doctor and Piglet playing a Dalek, lovingly crafted by Nerdache Cakes. As far as cake-making goes, there are people who suck, people who are okay, people who are pretty good, and then people that can pull off som... / Continue →
  • October 23, 2012
    This is the giant Eye of Sauron wedding cake made by Cake Central member Solociachef21. You know, because pure evil is such a solid wedding theme. It's most noteworthy because of its height, which is very tall. I actually went to a friend's wedding where the cake wasn't even... / Continue →
  • October 15, 2009
    Because there's no better way to celebrate something than with a bitchin' skull cake, this is a little gallery of bitchin' skull cakes. I've decided I want a giant one for my next birthday. Except I want it to be on fire. And I want the Rockettes to leap out of that shit and... / Continue →
  • August 6, 2009
    If there's one thing I learned in baking school it's how to put out a fire (stop, drop and roll). And there's another, it's how much I enjoyed eating the things other people made. Mine? Mine never turned out because baking is a women's sport. High five, ladies! Wait -- is ... / Continue →
  • July 13, 2009
    This Dungeons & Dragons themed cake and all the others after the jump (including some Zelda, Wolverine, Mario and Transformer action) were created by DeviantART user cakerific. And cakerific they are! I would even go as far as caketastic. And, as the sign on the door said, "... / Continue →
  • April 3, 2009
    Well, this is the part of the day when I toot my own horn because nobody else will touch it, no matter how much money or free ShamWow I offer. So, the cakewrecks blog (a personal favorite of mine) quoted me in a post about nose cakes yesterday. I'm "that guy from Geekologie".... / Continue →
  • March 7, 2009
    Loyal Geekologist Martin has a friend (Jack) who made a cake honoring The Comedian in anticipation of Watchmen, which dropped in theaters yesterday. Also, they made some delicious Rorschach brownies, which I featured after the jump and have been staring at for the past twenty ... / Continue →
  • January 6, 2009
    As you may know, we love themed cakes here at Geekologie. Love them, love them. A lot. I mean we REALLY love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love them. I guess what I'... / Continue →
  • November 25, 2008
    This is a gallery of World of Warcraft cakes. There are eleven of them in all, ranging from the amazing to the somebody is trying to sneak a knife into jail. I particularly liked the last one, and not just because it looks like it was made out of human flesh. Although it doe... / Continue →
  • October 8, 2008
    It's been a while since we've seen some scrumptious cakeologie here on Geekologie, but the wait is over! And as a man who's no stranger to eating computer components, I find this mother board cake utterly delicious looking. I mean, just look at those RAM wafers! You haven't l... / Continue →
  • September 3, 2008
    I know what you're thinking, "damn yo, it's about time for some more delicious fondant". Well I couldn't agree with you more. And to herald in our rubbery new overlord come these wicked cakes from Flickr user chocmocakes. As you can see, that's Rafael there, complete with fo... / Continue →
  • June 12, 2008
    It's been a little while since we've posted any sweets on Geekologie, so I figured it was about that time. This is an XBox 360 cake made by Heather Spencer, who is finishing her Associates degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, possibly at some school near Grand Blanc, Michigan (I'm... / Continue →
  • January 22, 2008
    In today's delectable news, a flickr user that goes by 'hello naomi' has officially become a cupcake goddess according to the Geekologie writer. Asked for further comment the writer responded "I'd eat the hell out of those things." They do look amazing don't they? This woman... / Continue →