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  • July 23, 2015
    This is a video of a rice paddy in Japan that was grown with a Star Wars theme by planting four different kinds of rice to display 'STAR WARS' and pictures of R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8. I cannot even imagine the planning that went into this because one time I tried planting a stra... / Continue →
  • October 13, 2014
    These are the R2-D2 and C-3PO wedding bands designed by jeweler Juan Hidalgo. Which one would you wear? Wait, let me guess -- R2-D2. You know how I knew? Because nobody likes C-3PO. Asking your girlfriend to marry you and wear a C-3PO wedding band is like, the nicest way o... / Continue →
  • April 7, 2014
    This is the C-3PO Star Wars action figure carrying case that's been repurposed as an electric guitar. Me? I've always imagined C-3PO crushed in a Death Star trash compactor then cut into cubes and repurposed as paper weights. Everyone knows the Darth Vader collector's case... / Continue →
  • January 24, 2014
    This is an officially licensed C-3PO adult onsie (~$70). Of all the Star Wars products in the world to license, who the hell would choose this? Did they draw the short straw or something? Become C-3PO with this officially licensed costume hooded union suit! R2-D2 usually get... / Continue →
  • September 10, 2012
    Because every post today is going to be related to the one before it (until the next one), here's C-3PO reimagined as some sort of Imperial-stomping badass. It was inked by Dave at Tatouage Monster Ink in Quebec on the leg (arm? peen?) of a dude named Billy. Speaking of, I ha... / Continue →
  • November 30, 2010
    "Come heeeeeere, little Anakin". Geez, no wonder he Vaded out, amirite? I assume this is some kind of knock-off novelty product from overseas based on C3's come hither look. You know, and the fact his peen is a roll of tape. But who knows, with George Lucas being the mone... / Continue →
  • May 4, 2010
    Beginning this month, GPS giant TomTom will be releasing one Star Wars character a month whose voice will be available for $13 download to guide you to your destination. They kicked it off with Darth Vader, but next is C-3PO, followed by Yoda and Han Solo. You can hear some p... / Continue →
  • February 4, 2010
    Sure Retro Thursday isn't even a real segment on Geekologie but you never know, I might run with it. And by "it" I mean your bike. Of course if I was smart I would ride with it, but I'm not. This is a Japanese commercial from 1978 for Hagoromo canned tuna featuring one-off t... / Continue →
  • October 24, 2009
    Some guy on Craigslist posted an ad seeking a double amputee (no legs) in order to complete his 'Chewbacca carrying a half assembled C-3PO' Halloween costume. In case you can't read the ad above: So this might seem strange and really offensive to some but hopefully someone wi... / Continue →
  • July 25, 2008
    Remember when we revealed Wicket as the second character in Mimoco's Series 3 of Star Wars flash drives? Well the remainder have been announced, with a Royal Guard and shiny-ass C-3P0 rounding out the set. Damn chrome dome, you're blinding me with that golden melon of yours! ... / Continue →