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  • April 2, 2010
    This is a super-creepy spider made entirely out of LEGO by brickster extraordinaire Doctor Mobius. As you can see, it required about two billion of those little lever pieces to make all the hair. Which, fun fact: did you know you can grow hair anywhere on your body using Roga... / Continue →
  • March 17, 2009
    In an attempt to take a bite out of malaria (suck it, McGruff!), scientists are developing a mosquito laser capable of protecting an entire village from the evil, biting bastards. Think bug-zapper times a thousand, to the power of PEW. The laser, which has been dubbed a "we... / Continue →
  • September 8, 2008
    Remember the giant robotic spider that was supposed to destroy Liverpool over the weekend? Well it didn't. From the reports I've read not a single person was bitten or squished. So maybe we do have a couple more years before the robots finally Tet Offend. Just kidding, a fr... / Continue →
  • September 3, 2008
    A 50-foot robotic spider, which has been sitting dormant on the side of an office building since last night, is going to come alive on Friday and destroy the everliving shit out of Liverpool. Weighing 37 tons and standing 50ft high, the spider is currently clinging to the si... / Continue →
  • July 25, 2008
    Dr. Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to walk on the moon (in a Hollywood studio, according to my grandmother), is claiming that aliens are real and have made human contact. 'I happen to have been privileged enough to be in on the fact that we've been visited on this planet and the ... / Continue →