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  • September 30, 2015
    Seen here being modeled by your cool uncle, the Pizza Pouch is a real $8 product from Stupidiotic that consists of a lanyard with a resealable plastic pouch attached to hold a piece of pizza. That way you always have a slice nearby in case of emergency. Have I told you there'... / Continue →
  • September 9, 2010
    That's right folks, no more sifting through boxes of Lucky Charms just to make a single bowl of marshmallows! Now you can have one whenever you want. Goodbye oat bran, hello cavities! (I'm gonna stash a bag in my ass for snacking you see). Here at Cereal Marshmallows Our ... / Continue →
  • August 24, 2010
    Bacon that cooks in a toaster: genius. Bacon that cooks in a trashcan: gross. But all in all still a pretty good idea. Reddi-Bacon (1964) was precooked and there was very little extra fat involved when the foil packets were heated. However, there was occasional slight leakin... / Continue →
  • August 16, 2010
    Note: I had to cut the graphic to make room for my bulging belly biceps, click HERE to see the whole thing. Just like the little fat boy said so eloquently, "bacon is good for me", and here's the informational graphic to prove it. So bac-on my rotund little friend, but rememb... / Continue →
  • August 7, 2009
    The ChefStack Pancake Machine is my dream come true and can produce up to 200 golden brown patties from heaven every hour IN THREE DIFFERENT SIZES. WEEEEEEOH WEEEEEOH WEEEEEOH! Sorry, that was an ambulance passing. Where were we? Oh yes, I LOVE PANCAKES. One time I even ha... / Continue →
  • June 26, 2009
    Andy is the man responsible for yesterday's 2-inch thick pizza. And he got pretty upset several of you commenters weren't feeling his efforts. So, to spite you, he made a bigger, 7 pound, 4.5-inch thick pizza yesterday. Take that, naysayer! Okay, I saw that my pizza I poste... / Continue →
  • May 24, 2009
    This is a Venn Diagram of hybrid cutlery. As you can see in the middle, the splayd incorporates all three standard eating utensils in one, high questionable design. Of course, I wouldn't want to eat cereal with it. Or you. YOU'RE DRIBBLING MILK ON MY CARPET YOU HEATHEN! To... / Continue →
  • May 12, 2009
    This is a new commercial for Denny's advertising how cool it is to get all high out of your mind and then go eat breakfast at 4am -- but not before dropping a handful of acid in the parking lot. I mean, Jesus, the unicorn can't even chew his fries. And while I did appreciate ... / Continue →
  • April 27, 2009
    In a study that surprises nobody who's woken up still Tyrannosaurus Wrecked from the night before in a puddle of someone else's urine and eaten the breakfast of gods, scientists have discovered bacon really does cure a hangover. "Bread is high in carbohydrates and bacon is f... / Continue →
  • April 15, 2009
    Well, we ended yesterday with the BA-K-47, and now we're kicking Wednesday off right with a hamburger (technically a cheeseburger) cake. In case you couldn't tell, or your mommy is reading this to you while you eat your oatmeal, a hamburger cake is a cake made to look like a h... / Continue →
  • December 26, 2008
    Want to add some delicious flair to any website? Then just type before a site's URL (e.g., and presto, you're licking fingerprints off your monitor. Right now the bacon is wearing a Santa hat in the spirit o... / Continue →
  • December 11, 2008
    If God wasn't too busy spiting me every morning, he'd eat this shit for breakfast. Hit the jump for a picture of the finished product.... / Continue →