boba fett

Identity Crisis: Geek Character Mashup Tattoo

This is a Greeky (this ain't spanakopita!) geeky mashup tattoo Frankenstein'd together out of five separate characters. Apparently it serves as some kind of geek-detecting device. Weird,...
October 10, 2011

Boba Fett's Invoice For Han Solo Bounty

This is Boba Fett's invoice to Jabba for the live capture and delivery of Han Solo. It was created by Brock Davis and isn't actually a movie...
October 28, 2010

Real Life Product!: The Boba Fett Backpack

Ever make-believe you were Boba Fett? Who hasn't? Well now you can stop taping empty coffee cans to your back thanks to ThinkGeek's $50 Boba Fett Plush...
September 20, 2010