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  • June 15, 2011
    The last thing that wart ever saw. Sean Murphy, a 38-year old security guard from South Yorkshire, England, had an annoying wart on the 3rd knuckle (closest to the nail) of his left middle finger for five years. But one day, having had enough (frustration AND to drink), he de... / Continue →
  • February 25, 2011
    Not gonna lie, probably wouldn't wave my hand in front of it for less than $20. Seen here looking at least partially constructed out of tin-foil, the Navy has made a breakthrough in the laser department, creating a free-electron laser (FEL) capable of producing a sustained 500... / Continue →
  • February 22, 2011
    I know it may look like a homemade Fruit by the Foot fort, but those are actually strings of firecrackers. 320,000 crackers to be precise. And this is a video of them being detonated as a memorial service to a deceased family member while neighbors drive by calling the police... / Continue →
  • August 18, 2010
    According to this dumb-as-f*** ad for tax-preparer, paying too much for tax preparation is a lot like an iPad getting blasted with a shotgun. Great analogy, I know. And all along I thought it was like getting bent over an accountant's desk by a man in a green v... / Continue →
  • July 2, 2010
    This is a recently declassified photo from 1962 of the only nuke ever detonated in space by humans. But what about aliens? They detonate those things all the f***ing time. I'm talking like fireworks on the 4th of July. I know, I know -- that tie-in was the shit. Why, pray ... / Continue →
  • April 27, 2010
    NOTE: Click HERE to check out the interactive video. This is a screencap from a clickable and draggable 360º panorama of the old Cowboy's stadium demolition. From inside. THE CALL'S COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! I thought it was pretty neat, but it would have been even nea... / Continue →
  • March 19, 2010
    This is a little informational graphic explaining how grenades work. And don't worry -- you're not the only one who thought there was an explosive genie trapped inside. I'm right here with you. Which reminds me, did I ever tell you about the time a group of ruthless terroris... / Continue →
  • December 30, 2009
    Okay so maybe the asteroid isn't actually earth bound, but it could be. You see, nobody can agree on how serious a threat the rock poses. I say laser the shit out of it. Then laser all the little pieces. Then blast me in the eyes. If I can't see the end of the world I don'... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2009
    Remember when you were a kid and first discovered the magic that is blowing shit up with fireworks? Good times. Well this is a video of somebody blowing up toy cars in slow motion. It kind of reminded me of the time I shoved a firework down the back of a friend's pants becau... / Continue →