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  • December 29, 2010
    This is a video of a mini-fridge that's been modded to launch beers when instructed by an iPhone application. You can even choose from four different flavors (as long as they're Budweiser products). What, did I pass out last night and sleep till 2050?!?! This is the maiden v... / Continue →
  • November 19, 2010
    Okay, so it's not really beer-cooled (unlike myself). Of course that wouldn't work anyway because I would drink your computer. But enough about my chemical dependencies, seen here doing his best Red Stripe "hooray beer!" impression, Ben Lzicar went and built himself a compute... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2009
    From the same maker of the fast food and breakfast cereal flowcharts comes the "What Beer Should I Drink?" edition (slightly larger version HERE). Of course if you're me, the decision is much simpler: all the fallen soldiers from the night before. Don't worry guys, GW to the ... / Continue →
  • October 31, 2009
    I was sitting on it the whole time!! Picture [thechive] Thanks to Uberscooter, as badass as a scooter can be.... / Continue →
  • September 27, 2009
    The Beer Bike was designed and created by Hopworks Urban Brewing of Portland, Oregon, and features two kegs and taps, plus a hot pizza storage unit. Impressive, but I can't even imagine pedaling two full kegs of beer around. I mean, those bitches are heavy. Sure, I've dated ... / Continue →
  • May 5, 2009
    This is like 900 hours of beer pong trick shot footage cut down to 3:41. I'm sure most of you will hate it, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for college-aged boys playing with their Haha, you thought I was gonna say balls. I HAVE WHAT ... / Continue →
  • February 28, 2009
    Oh hell yes. Now that's what I call drinking like a king! A Lich King. ZA-ZA-ZA-ZING! These World of Warcraft beer steins come in three models: the Lich King (pictured here), the Blood of the Horde, and the Alliance United (go HERE to check those out). Each costs $90 and i... / Continue →
  • February 19, 2009
    I remember one time in college I got so drunk I thought the electrical cord to the mini-fridge was my belt. Long story short: the milk went bad. Anyways, beer roulette: not as fun as beer darts, but how can you compete with the excitement of potentially piercing a friends nad... / Continue →
  • February 4, 2009
    There was a time in my life when I drank Sierra Nevada like it was my job. Sadly, I was fired. And now the company is making bio-fuel with beer leftovers. Sierra Nevada, brewer of delicious beers, has purchased a MicroFueler, a contraption that produces ethanol from water, s... / Continue →
  • December 31, 2008
    The $60 Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller chills a beer down to 43 °F in sixty seconds. So, at the moderate drinking rate of one beer per 45 seconds, you only have 15 seconds of down time until the next beer is ready. Not too shabby. You just fill the P.O.S. with ice and... / Continue →
  • December 18, 2008
    With Jesus' surprise roller-skating party just a week away, I thought I'd spread some holiday drunkeness in the form of beer bottle Christmas trees. This first one is made from 1,050 bottles, and there's a video after the jump of a Heineken tree with over 2,000. Also, I added... / Continue →
  • December 3, 2008
    Mmmm, space beer. It's the stuff my sci-fi fantasies are made of. Well, that, and the aquamarine breasts of alien chicks. Well now fantasy and reality collide -- with honest-to-God space beer (sort of)! The beer will be made with barley -- to be harvested this weekend -- de... / Continue →
  • September 17, 2008
    Etsy seller hesslerk is selling this sleek Heineken mini keg amp for $120. My liver suffered to bring you this awesome amp, don't worry... the beer went to a good cause! The sleek design and sound quality will blow you away! Works great for Guitar, Bass, and MP3 players. Plug... / Continue →
  • September 9, 2008
    Let's face it, drinking and data storage were made for each other. So why has it taken so long for somebody to make a sharp looking 16GB bottle opener? Beats me -- your guess is as good as mine. Unless you guessed government conspiracy or ninjas, in which case your guess was... / Continue →
  • August 15, 2008
    Last week it was the Beer Belt, and now this week, the Beerdolier. Oh hell yes! The $15 Beerdolier holds six cans of sweet beer AND keeps them cold thanks to its unpatented koozie technology. These things are freaking awesome! Can you imagine a world in which a war (World W... / Continue →
  • August 6, 2008
    The Beer Belt costs $18 from Urban Outfitters and holds six cans or bottles. But I assume if you're buying this you'll be carrying bottles. And not just because they're classier (although they are), but to carry six cans, you just put your belt through a loop in one of those ... / Continue →
  • July 30, 2008
    Well folks, I've found myself a new drinking buddy. The Malaysian pen-tailed shrew subsists entirely on fermented nectar from the pertam palm plant, which can be as high as 3.8 percent alcohol. A new study found that the tiny animal subsists on a diet roughly equivalent to ... / Continue →
  • July 3, 2008
    Mr. Asahi was made by Japanese based Asahi Breweries and serves beer before stealing your girlfriend and making out with her in the walk-in cooler. It took over 200 man-hours to build Mr. Robobeer and he's pretty much limited to opening bottles and pouring draft beer. Did I m... / Continue →
  • June 30, 2008
    The Party-A-CarGo isn't just the worst named product I've seen in recent history, it's also the drinking-and-drivingest. What is it you ask? Why it's a kegorator and sound system hitch, of course. The $3,000 unit holds a regular keg, 5-gallon cooling system, two 6"x9" speake... / Continue →