beep boop bop

Dapper Droids: Hand-Knit R2-D2 Sweaters

BEEP BOOP B-- hey handsome. This is a made-to-order hand-knit YAAAR2-D2 sweater from Etsy seller EricaKnit. It costs $450 (~$430 more than a white sweater and cans...
August 15, 2011

Humanoid Robots Disturb The Human Brain

According to a recent series of experiments conducted at the University of San Diego, humanoid robots that are designed to look lifelike make the human brain spaz...
July 21, 2011

Guy Builds Army Of Scrap Metal Transformers

The Chinese man who calls himself the 'steel legend' (best known for his scrap metal Megatron tank and being a firm believer that welding-goggles are overrated), has...
March 21, 2011