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  • April 15, 2015
    These are the Game of Thrones house sigil pancakes made by pancake magician Nathan Shields. What's your favorite house sigil? Mine's Greyjoy, because it reminds me of the female reproductive system. I'm mature for my age. "You act like you're twelve." Well I'm only nine an... / Continue →
  • May 9, 2012
    Nathan Shields is a man. A man with children (making him a...father? uncle? I suck at relationships *zing*). A man with children who he makes insane pancake art for. Why? Because if he doesn't they might turn to waffles. And waffles, as we all well know, are the gateway ... / Continue →
  • August 7, 2009
    The ChefStack Pancake Machine is my dream come true and can produce up to 200 golden brown patties from heaven every hour IN THREE DIFFERENT SIZES. WEEEEEEOH WEEEEEOH WEEEEEOH! Sorry, that was an ambulance passing. Where were we? Oh yes, I LOVE PANCAKES. One time I even ha... / Continue →