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  • May 3, 2012
    Seen here blatantly ignoring a customer to count his Goldfish cracker collection, a PR2 robot programmed to bartend prepares to get the pink slip. Then threaten to kill its manager. See? This is exactly why we shouldn't have robots in the workplace! Based on what I gathered... / Continue →
  • September 23, 2011
    This is a homemade bartending machine that creates cocktails simply by typing. Every letter corresponds to a different flavor, and, by typing a word, you create a drink that, most likely, will taste like shit. But who cares -- it's f***ing booze! *pounding keyboard* SUPERCA... / Continue →
  • July 8, 2010
    Now I know what you're thinking, "PR2? I think I saw that in the theater -- I hate sequels". And that may be true, but I'm not referring to PR2 the fictitious movie sequel, I'm talkin' bout the beer-fetching robot, yo. Great idea, right? No. Don't come crying to me when yo... / Continue →
  • November 16, 2009
    Apparently battery-powered illuminated liquor bottles are becoming all the rage. They're supposed to grab your attention when you're trying to decide what to order at the bar. Yeah, TOO BAD I ALREADY KNOW WHAT I WANT (one of everything -- and keep the cherries coming). Balla... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2009
    This is a 9-second video of an evil mad scientist pouring liquid nitrogen in his mouth and blowing out vapor. Why? Because he's mad, yo! Even worse than that tea-loving mother with the big hat. Though it may look like this scientist is actually drinking the liquid nitrogen,... / Continue →
  • May 19, 2009
    As a man-child who's no stranger to chugging beers and puking on himself and then losing a shoe and cell phone only to find them both in the kitchen trash the next morning, I love beer. Like, love it, love it. But only bottles, not cans (cut me once, shame on you, cut me twic... / Continue →
  • January 12, 2009
    BaR2D2 is a mobile robot bartender complete with everything you need to get crunknasty and puke on yourself and everyone around you. BaR2D2 is a radio-controlled, mobile bar that features a motorized beer elevator, motorized ice/mixer drawer, six-bottle shot dispenser, and s... / Continue →
  • November 21, 2008
    This piece of crap from Scotsman Beverage Systems dispenses ice from the top, and soda from the bottom. ZOMG, sorcery! It's supposed to revolutionize the beverage serving industry but it's not going to. What it is going to revolutionize is landfills. The system works thanks... / Continue →
  • October 29, 2008
    TMCO is a metal products manufacturer in Lincoln, Nebraska, that, for a recent open house, programmed one of their factory robots to act as bartender. Although, truthfully, he doesn't actually pour your drinks for you, he just operates the tap and demands tips. Seriously,... / Continue →
  • September 23, 2008
    Let's face it, drinking and video games go together like drinking and firearms -- a match made in heaven. So why not build yourself a video game bar? This oak bar hides four joysticks in a fold down panel in the front (picture after jump), which are connected to a PC and the ... / Continue →
  • August 18, 2008
    In an announcement that shouldn't surprise anyone that's seen the majority of women I've slept with, scientists have concluded that beer goggles are, in fact, real. Surprisingly, the beer goggles effect was not limited to just the opposite sex among the ostensibly straight v... / Continue →
  • June 6, 2008
    Sobrietol is some mystery formula of cancer-causing agents that reduces your blood alcohol content after a heavy night of drinking. And let me tell you -- as someone who thought yesterday was Friday and went out and got shit-hammered -- I lost my shoes. Have you ever had on... / Continue →
  • April 18, 2008
    The Chill Stick ($12) is a neoprene sleeve that keeps six beers cold and looks like the case for a pool cue. That way you can sneak beer into places that have pool tables. Namely bars. Screw paying $2.25 a beer when you can bring your own. Am I right? I am. Same principal... / Continue →
  • October 9, 2007
    The Doberman Credit Card Reminder is a device that reminds you to get your credit card back from the bartender at the end of the night. You push one of the buttons, which starts an alarm for 1-4 hours, and when the time is up it beeps and flashes it's LED. This amazing techno... / Continue →
  • August 14, 2007
    If you don't like talking to anyone when getting drunk, then check out the Digital Beverages MyFountain (which we will now refer to as the Robot Bartender). It basically looks like a monster piece of crap that sits on a counter with a touchscreen that makes drinks. It holds 1... / Continue →