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  • January 19, 2011
    In an attempt to win friends and influence people sell more bacon, egg & cheese biscuits, Caribou coffee shops had these bus stop oven ads placed around Minneapolis. You see, they're heated. Aaaaaaaand probably overflowing with homeless people by now. Just a heads up, Caribo... / Continue →
  • April 1, 2010
    The Baggy Winecoat is a $58 purse for your wine. It's basically a glorified box and that's a-okay with me because I'll drink out of anything with alcohol in it. Including, and not just limited to: your liver. You think I won't drug you and cut that thing out? I've sold orga... / Continue →
  • December 17, 2008
    My brother Frank knows classy shit when he sees it, and this is living proof. Personally, I can't remember the last time I had 100 Crown Royal bags, but that's because I drink too much. Did that make any sense? It shouldn't have, I've been drinking. For $350 ebay seller mis... / Continue →
  • December 8, 2008
    Remember last month when a NASA toolbag accidentally floated off into space during a repair to the International Space Station (if not, video after the jump. Skip to about 0:55 to see the loss)? Endeavor astronaut Heidi Stefanyshyn-Piper's loss has turned out to be an amateur... / Continue →
  • September 25, 2008
    Japanese manufacturer Prop is now selling wearable airbags for old folks and people who just can't stand for long. Its newly announced personal, wearable airbag looks like a cool fanny-pack and weighs a mere 1.1 kilograms (2.4 pounds) -- but springs forth in one-tenth of a sec... / Continue →
  • August 20, 2008
    Bruno Taylor modified a London bus stop with a swing (and, quite possibly, a MacBook Air ad). But just one, so you'll have to wait your turn or double up and have a stranger's privates dangerously close to your butt. As you can see, there's a cute girl on the swing, and based... / Continue →
  • May 15, 2008
    I watched this video a couple of times so needless to say I'm making this post from under the bed. It's allegedly a video of a ghost in a Singapore hotel's elevator (let it load and skip to 1:20 to see the goods). I'm sure it's fake as all hell. Right? It's fake right? Goo... / Continue →
  • May 2, 2008
    Mukesh Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world, is having a new house built in Mumbai. Mukesh made his money as head of Mumbai-based petrochemical company Reliance industries. His net worth is over $43 billion and he, his wife, and 3 kids currently live in a 22-story tower... / Continue →
  • April 3, 2008
    Here's a clever advertisement spotted in New York for the upcoming Star Wars movies being shown on SpikeTV starting tomorrow. As you can see it's a bunch of lightsabers and the text "Use only in case of Sith." Well isn't that some shit? What if you're being mugged by a non-S... / Continue →
  • January 11, 2008
    Well we've seen watches and shirts that have WiFi detection capabilities, and now there's a more practical one -- a laptop bag. Made in a variety of styles (bookbag, messenger bag, luggage-style roll around), each bag has a little LCD readout on top that indicates when a WiFi ... / Continue →
  • November 23, 2007
    The Auto Detective pen detects wireless and RF signals. The light starts blinking when it detects "signals within the ranges of 900/1200/1300 and 2400/2600/3000MHz". The faster the blinking the closer you are to the spy device you're detecting. As an added bonus it's suppose... / Continue →
  • November 16, 2007
    Nick Rodrigues, a Boston artist, has developed the Personal Cell Phone Booth. If you're making or receiving a call you pull this clunky bastard out and put it on over your head. That way no one else has to listen to you talk about why your boss sucks or what you're making for... / Continue →
  • August 24, 2007
    Mark Ecko, of Ecko Unlimited, is designing "digital citylights" that people can interact with using their cell phones via Bluetooth interface. You walk up to one of these monster LCD screens and spray digital graffiti with the cursor of your phone. Allegedly they're going to ... / Continue →
  • August 10, 2007
    The Landmark Bus Shelter was designed by a German company for use around Hamburg in an attempt to "convey a harmonious overall image of the urban area. Modern elements and clear lines enable a universal use of this bus shelter. The right side wall contains a lighting system th... / Continue →