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  • June 15, 2015
    Literally. Because now it looks Pikachu painted a shitty picture of himself. The coverup-that-really-isn't-a-coverup was inked by lindsaybugbaker of Night Owl Tattoo in Northhampton, Massachusetts. I flipped through her portfolio on Instagram, and she's clearly got the skill... / Continue →
  • November 11, 2014
    A Chinese programmer recently saved up 500,000 yuan (~$81,640) to buy 99 new iPhone 6's, then arranged them in a heart to propose to his girlfriend in front of their friends. She said no, presumably because 1) proposing with iPhones is the least romantic thing ever and/or 2) s... / Continue →
  • October 1, 2012
    In stupid idiot news, the Nickelodeon reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has decided to replace the turtles' traditional "cowabunga" with the much dumber "booyakasha". Dammit, I told myself I wasn't going to drink today either. Now look at me! "Tongue kissing a bottle of... / Continue →
  • May 7, 2012
    A 41-year old woman in England changed her name to one with 161 words in it because she's (presumably) fresh out of high school and will never have to write it at the top of a homework assignment again. Her new, horrible name, in it's entirety, is (cue that fast-talking Micro ... / Continue →
  • April 9, 2012
    A 17-year old who sold a kidney on the black market last year to afford an iPad and iPhone is now suffering from renal failure as his remaining kidney is unable to adequately filter toxins from his blood. There is no app for that. Xinhua news agency reported that the five inc... / Continue →
  • June 2, 2011
    I'll trade you an iPad 3 for your liver. A 17-year old Chinese boy found a black-market organs dealer online willing to pay $3,400 for one of his kidneys, then had it removed to buy an iPhone and iPad. Ha -- and you thought you knew a stupid fanboy. Without telling his famil... / Continue →
  • February 21, 2011
    Hurt: Tom's feelings are. To celebrate the recent revolution and honor the social networking site for the role it played, a young Egyptian man has named his firstborn daughter 'Facebook'. Well, actually he named her 'Facebook' Jamal Ibrahim, which is Facebook FOLLOWED BY HI... / Continue →
  • October 23, 2009
    62-year old Dennis Anderson of Bumfunk, Minnesota was arrested last year for drunkenly driving his motorized La-Z-Boy into a parked car. Anderson's blood alcohol content was 0.29, which is impressive for a sexagenarian, but if mine falls below that I start to feel sick. Ander... / Continue →
  • July 14, 2009
    Well we've already seen robots that can feed on organic matter, and now, an even scarier one. Wait, does that say chainsaw? Robotic Technology Inc.'s Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot -- that's right, "EATR" -- "can find, ingest, and extract energy from biomass in the e... / Continue →
  • July 1, 2009
    Japan, You know I love you. I love your sushi and your weird sexual fetishes. But what's up with the robot thing, bro? That shit ain't right. First Gundam and now a 59-foot Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor)? I mean, I'm worried about you. One minute I'm in a diaper being spanked... / Continue →
  • June 22, 2009
    Following in the trend of tweeting from the bathroom, a 17-year old Romanian girl died while apparently trying to Twitter from the tub (this new loofah feels great!). The Austrian times says that Maria Barbu was, in fact, in the tub while using Twitter when she likely reache... / Continue →
  • June 19, 2009
    Apparently somebody hacked a couple DC traffic signs to say dirty words. In case you were wondering, there's a UC missing in the first line and an ALL in the third. Some people, no class. If you think your commute can be offensive, you should have been driving northbound o... / Continue →
  • June 13, 2009
    PR2 is a robot that can hunt down power outlets to recharge its own battery. Why it even exists is beyond me. Thankfully, I just jammed forks into all my electric outlets, so if he tries stealing my power, he's in for a real shock (!). This particular run had our PR2 alpha r... / Continue →
  • May 12, 2009
    This is some really disturbing footage from the German Aerospace Center's Institute of Robotics and Mechtronics (soon be known as a pile of rubble. Minions -- attack!) showing robots beating the ever living hell out of crash test dummies. FOR FUN. WHILE SOME SICKOS LAUGH IN ... / Continue →
  • April 26, 2009
    This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the story besides it's of a bunch of Princess Leias having a pillow fight and God has bestowed me with the power of awesomeness. But no need to thank me folks, I did it for myself. So anyway, Darth Vader's daughter just got pulle... / Continue →
  • April 23, 2009
    In an unshocking turn of events, Apple has pulled 'Baby Shaker', an iPhone application that allows users to shake a baby until red X's appear over its eyes and it stops crying, from the iTunes store. Within a day of the game being available for download, childcare organisati... / Continue →
  • April 19, 2009
    Festo, a company that doesn't give two shits whether we all die at the hands of robots, is back on their robotic animal kick, this time with robo-penguins. Yeah, and to make matters worsethe tuxedoed bastards can now attack from both sea AND sky. You only need to watch the fi... / Continue →
  • April 3, 2009
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you thought yesterday's fire-breathing robot-baby was bad, you're in for a real treat. Adam, a robot scientist, has officially "discovered new scientific knowledge independently of a human operator." Run for the hills folks, and I'm ... / Continue →
  • April 2, 2009
    When I'm right, I'm right. And I was right. This is what death looks like. Sculptor Kenji Yanobe's Giant Torayan robot, a 7.2-meter (24-ft) tall mechanical baby that sings, dances and spits fire, was sighted in Tokyo's Roppongi district last night. The fire-breathing robot s... / Continue →
  • March 27, 2009
    Just like lions attack in the wild, robots are planning on taking out the weakest of our proverbial herd first. Namely, children and old folks. All thanks to a little service class robot named ApriAttenda, by Toshiba. At just one meter tall, the robot can open doors, handle ... / Continue →