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  • June 19, 2009
    Apparently somebody hacked a couple DC traffic signs to say dirty words. In case you were wondering, there's a UC missing in the first line and an ALL in the third. Some people, no class. If you think your commute can be offensive, you should have been driving northbound o... / Continue →
  • June 10, 2009
    You thought I was kidding about it being Robotic Apocalypse Awareness Day, didn't you? I wasn't. First the Israeli snake robot, then Gundam, and now, another mecha. Plus, the day isn't over yet. Holy shit, more to come. Truth? You can't handle the truth! Carlos Owens, 3... / Continue →
  • April 26, 2009
    This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the story besides it's of a bunch of Princess Leias having a pillow fight and God has bestowed me with the power of awesomeness. But no need to thank me folks, I did it for myself. So anyway, Darth Vader's daughter just got pulle... / Continue →
  • April 21, 2009
    Boston Dynamics, purveyor of such hellhounds of the robot apocalypse as BigDog, LittleDog, and BullDog, are back at it, this time at the opposite end of the spectrum: robotic bugs called Squishbots. SquishBot is a program to develop a new class of soft, shape-changing robot. T... / Continue →
  • April 2, 2009
    When I'm right, I'm right. And I was right. This is what death looks like. Sculptor Kenji Yanobe's Giant Torayan robot, a 7.2-meter (24-ft) tall mechanical baby that sings, dances and spits fire, was sighted in Tokyo's Roppongi district last night. The fire-breathing robot s... / Continue →
  • March 5, 2009
    Kenji, a third-generation humanoid, was programmed by Toshiba's Akimu Robotic Research Institute to emulate human emotions, including love. But shockingly, Kenji has gone haywire and will probably end up killing off all his love interests. The trouble all started when a you... / Continue →
  • January 30, 2009
    Folks, I've had a lot of really bad ideas in my life. And followed through with most of them. But that's neither here nor there, because one thing I never did was mod an inactive grenade into an MP3 player. Inside, modder Matt stuffed a 2GB Sansa Clip MP3 player. Hey Matt, ... / Continue →
  • January 23, 2009
    Oh God, please don't shoot -- with your iPhone! BWHAHHAHAH! Let me guess -- you failed the police academy entrance exam again. The fashionable e-Volveâ„¢ Gadget Shoulder Holster is a new "carry all" shoulder holster that allows you to get all of your personal electronic gad... / Continue →
  • December 10, 2008
    This firebreathing robot-dog-beast-cycle (inappropriately named Lrry) was made entirely out of recycled materials by the Mutoid Waste Company in London. "Why?", you ask. "Why not?", the makers reply. "Because that f***er's gonna kill us all!", you scream while throwing an em... / Continue →
  • November 25, 2008
    Soon, robot soldiers will kill you. But, if it makes you feel any better, some people think they'll be acting more ethically than humans. "My research hypothesis is that intelligent robots can behave more ethically in the battlefield than humans currently can," said Ronald ... / Continue →
  • November 21, 2008
    Abraham Briggs, a 19-year old from Florida, killed himself with pills while 1,500 people watched his streaming webcam on Goddamnit. He had told others on a chat forum that he planned to kill himself and posted a suicide note on another forum before taking the pil... / Continue →
  • November 10, 2008
    A group of sickos at Carnegie Mellon have decided to automate the world's largest truck, a 3,550-horsepower, 700-ton behemoth designed to haul 240-ton loads. Autonomous vehicle technology is pretty much in its infancy," said Tony Stentz, a professor at CMU involved in the proj... / Continue →
  • November 5, 2008
    There are many things in this world that simply remain unexplainable. Like why all banana-flavored candy tastes like ass. And also, why the hell anybody would put treads on a Hummer H2T. Hell, or even buy one for that matter. My own poverty aside, what could possibly be coo... / Continue →
  • November 3, 2008
    A 19-year old British kid legally changed his name from George Garratt to Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk And The Flash Combined. Because, WTF, you only live once, right? Just kidding, this is my second go around. "I decided on a su... / Continue →
  • October 23, 2008
    Well folks, it's been nice knowing you, but the end is nigh. The Pentagon recently put out a request to contractors to build a "Multi-Robot Pursuit System" to "search for and detect a non-cooperative human." Hoooooly shit. "What we have here are the beginnings of something d... / Continue →
  • October 9, 2008
    Soiled condoms *HORF* are being recycled into hair bands and rubber bands in China. "There are a lot of bacteria and viruses on the rubber bands and hair ties made from used condoms," a dermatologist at the Guangzhou Hospital of Armed Police, who asked to be identified by his ... / Continue →
  • October 8, 2008
    Google recently unveiled a Gmail application that may help prevent drunk emailing. When in use, the program requires a potential emailer to solve a few mathematical problems before the message can be sent. Pretty clever, now make something similar for cell phones and we'll be... / Continue →
  • October 2, 2008
    This is a robot girl named Repliee R-1. She's an android built by Osaka University and based on an actual 5-year old girl. And I think I speak for everyone when I say they chose their model pretty freaking poorly. Liveleak Thanks to Firuz, Tytus, Jake, and Justin, who all a... / Continue →
  • August 21, 2008
    Why shouldn't you kite-surf in tropical storms? Because they'll f*** you up. Not only will they slam you into the beach, they'll fling you across the street and into a concrete wall for good measure. Now I hate to say this is Darwinism at work, but I will mention the Saber-T... / Continue →
  • August 21, 2008
    French-American artist Douglas Edric "Asshat" Stanely "Steamer" has this game on display right now at the '08 Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. Stanely says that the exhibit is an update of one he created in September 2001. This time the exhibit is much larger, includes mu... / Continue →