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  • September 20, 2009
    So I got so drunk last night I woke up this morning and didn't even know I was the Geekologie Writer. Also, I think I pissed the bed but I'm too afraid to smell it. But that's neither here nor there, what is here is this Kia Stegosaurus spotted at Wal-Mart (three Wal-Mart aut... / Continue →
  • June 20, 2009
    As most of you probably know, the original Bumblebee was a Volkswagen Beetle. And as very few of you probably know, I still have the original toy around here somewhere because I'm gangster. Tom Rhodes likes Transformers. So, naturally, he built an 18-foot-tall, 1,200-pound ... / Continue →
  • June 13, 2009
    I don't care what you say, that's probably the best life those barrels could have asked for. God knows I've run over my fair share and dragged them home. NC State student Joseph Carnevale, the artist behind the Traffic Barrel Monster, has been arrested for stealing the barrel... / Continue →
  • April 21, 2009
    This isn't a new concept so you may have already seen it done. And if you have, congratulations, you just won a Geekologie t-shirt. Just leave an 'OLD!' message and your home address in the comments and I'll open a checking account in your name get that right out. For the r... / Continue →
  • June 10, 2008
    Naman Chopra is a 14-year old boy in India who makes his own freaking cars. He's built two so far, a little red sports car and the limo seen there in the picture. The black beauty is also made from junk and is capable of speeds of up to 130MPH. It has a 1498 cc engine borro... / Continue →
  • May 22, 2008
    What could possibly be cooler than shooting flames out the exhaust of your car (besides actually being jet powered or having rocket launchers)? Very little. Well now, thanks to the Autoloc Flame Thrower you can toast the hell out of tailgaters like you've always wanted. The ... / Continue →
  • August 8, 2007
    Michelin has developed a new airless tire that looks pretty freaking sweet - the Tweel. Tires without air you say? I didn't believe it myself (and still don't really), but allegedly they're real. Tweel you say? Yeah, about that. They look more like Bladez, or Razorz to me.... / Continue →