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  • November 7, 2014
    Remember the legend of Atari dumping tons of unsold games into a desert landfill in 1983? And then the discovery and excavation of that landfill earlier this year? Well now the city of Alamogordo (where the landfill is located) has begun selling the buried games on eBay. And... / Continue →
  • October 3, 2014
    These are the conceptual video game themed cat scratchers imagined by the folks at if industries. There's an Atari controller, Nintendo controller, and an Etch-A-Sketch. Granted an Etch-A-Sketch isn't really a video game, but damn if I didn't pretend it was when I was growing... / Continue →
  • April 28, 2014
    In 1983 Atari allegedly dumped millions of unsold E.T. game cartridges in a Alamogordo, New Mexico landfill after deeming them unsellable because the game sucked so hard. And now that rumor seems to be true, as excavators have just uncovered hundreds of the game while searchin... / Continue →
  • May 15, 2013
    By searching 'Atari Breakout' in Google images you can play the game and stick it to the man for a couple minutes while at work. Or on your lunch break if you care about keeping your job. I took the time to beat the whole first stage to see if the level changes, but it does n... / Continue →
  • March 28, 2013
    This is a series of popular modern video games reimagined as Atari cartridges by DeviantARTist StarRoivas. That's pretty much all there is to say except TAG, YOU'RE IT -- NO TAG-BACKS! "I'm not playing." You ruin everything. Hit the jump for a bunch more but check out the D... / Continue →
  • February 28, 2011
    Blik Re-Stik Asteroid Wall Decals are $45 sticker packs that turn your frown upside down wall into a giant unplayable game of Asteroids. That's a whole set pictured, so you can get an idea of what you could do with one. Which, whether you have any sense of composition or not,... / Continue →
  • August 5, 2010
    Ed Fries (possibly of Mickey D's Fry Guys) went and made a playable version of Halo 2600, a throwback to what it would have been like to play Halo on the Atari 2600. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between this version and the one for the XBox, but maybe some of you h... / Continue →
  • September 24, 2009
    This is a video of the Atari classic Paperboy, but in real life. It's a little longer, and I know most of you have ADD (I'm right here with you), but it's definitely worth a watch while on the clock. Plus, the guys who made it are loyal Geekologists, and you know how I feel a... / Continue →
  • July 6, 2009
    You see those initials? Those are a 26-year old Easter egg from the Atari 800 release of Donkey Kong. Landon M. Dyer, the programmer responsible, just recently unveiled that he secretly put his initials in the game. Want to see them for yourself? It isn't easy: 1. Play... / Continue →
  • February 11, 2009
    Is this what Mega Man would look like played on an Atari 2600? Yes, yes it is. And if you doubt it you can take the issue up with my fis--POW! He said you're wrong. What's that? Oh, and that your nose is bleeding. Youtube Thanks to Anthony, who claims he beat The Orego... / Continue →
  • February 10, 2009
    NOTE: VIDEO IS PROBABLY NSFW DEPENDING ON HOW YOUR EMPLOYER FEELS ABOUT A GUY TREATING HIS JUNK LIKE AN ATARI JOYSTICK. Wow, I've seen it all now. And, quite frankly, I'm surprised I didn't see it earlier. (The Joydick is) a wearable haptic device for controlling video gamep... / Continue →
  • January 22, 2009
    Want to build your own giant Atari 2600 controller lamp? No problem -- all it takes is some power tools, a shit-ton of skill, more patience than my girlfriend, and a month of unemployment. It'll totally be worth it though, right? No, it won't be. And yours will probably loo... / Continue →
  • September 11, 2008
    The Super Genintari was made by the same modder as yesterday's Nintoaster and combines four gaming systems in one. I'll let you guess which four. Pretty impressive, Mr. Modder, but I see your Super Genintari and raise you one XPlay-NeoGrafxJagDream 260064360. Geekologie Writ... / Continue →
  • May 21, 2008
    Want a NES or Genesis controller belt buckle? Well they're available. And so are SNES, Atari, and NES Advantage (the big arcade style controller) ones. Ranging in price from $30 to $50 (just like dog wigs!), they're all guaranteed to hold your pants up. But they're not guar... / Continue →
  • February 25, 2008
    Just a short time ago we featured the Atari 2600 Controller Cake, and now somebody went and made the whole console! Made by Cakes By the Pound in Los Angeles, this thing looks like beautiful retro deliciousness. And for all of you out there that think you're above eating a ca... / Continue →
  • February 12, 2008
    Ah, the Atari 2600. Just thinking about it brings a tear to my eye as I flashback to a simpler time -- when games were basic, graphics were no-frills, and seeing a naked woman would have probably killed me. There's not too much information about this cake, except it depicts a... / Continue →
  • January 10, 2008
    Todd Levin is a man, a man who has written an article about every gaming console he's ever owned. It's a very intimate account. The joystick’s distinct shape provided me with hours of sophisticated entertainment, especially as I blindly turned the corner of sexual awareness... / Continue →
  • November 28, 2007
    Jason Torchinsky, a man who loves Atari but can't stand small controllers made a frickin' huge classic Atari controller. As you can see it's quite large. Unfortunately there were no shots of Olivia Munn playing with it. Which is unfortunate, because that would have made it a... / Continue →
  • August 10, 2007
    I assume you remember being glued to the computer waiting for a new episode of Game Room to drop, because I know I was. I can't believe that was eight years ago - where has all the time gone (besides to a handful of fruitless marriages)? Regardless, the show was a piece of awes... / Continue →