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  • September 18, 2015
    They're not real Pop Tarts, they're hand-painted resin actionless figures made by Falcon Toys. They cost $30 but sold out already and I'm not sure if they're making any more. When I called to ask about future availability the sexy lady voice than answered told me she wasn't w... / Continue →
  • August 28, 2015
    This is the video resulting from Barry Craig duct-taping a Superman action figure to his Phantom 3 drone to make it look like he's flying over Victoria Park in London. It's funny because it kind of looks like a bad chroma key job. Also, why is Superman shaking so bad? SPOILE... / Continue →
  • July 14, 2015
    So apparently several parents who have never seen Star Wars are complaining about the Princess Leia Slave Outfit action figure being sold at Target (among other stores). Some solid quotes from father Fred Hill, who is mad as hell about the toy, proving that a new species of ou... / Continue →
  • April 7, 2015
    This is the 1:6 scale Stan Lee action figure coming soon from Das Toys and available from the Big Bad Toy Store. It's limited to 1,000 pieces, costs $250, and comes with two different heads and a bunch of different hands. I'm going to give him two left hands. I'm kidding, do... / Continue →
  • January 2, 2015
    PROTIP: Never skip leg day. Did everybody have a nice New Year's? That's cool, I think I was laying in the shower when the ball dropped. MY balls. HIYO -- I'm an adult now. This is a limited edition (of 500) "realistic" looking 12-inch Popeye figure designed by Head Toys a... / Continue →
  • March 19, 2012
    Remember the real-life Darth Vader/Batman armor we saw last year from Malmey Studios? Well here's an action figure from John Harmon of Mint Condition Customs based on the piece. Not gonna lie, I would totally play with that in the bathtub. Darth Knight has been using the b... / Continue →
  • January 3, 2012
    Ugh, of course they release it right AFTER Christmas. This is a $100 Steve Jobs action figure. The company that's making it is billing it as "ultra-realistic" but I can almost guarantee Steve's wrists DID NOT look like that in real life. That said, I'd still play with one. ... / Continue →
  • December 28, 2011
    This is a little 1/6 scale Joker kid action figure. I'm not sure if it's a real product for sale or not, but you weren't going to buy one anyways so who cares. Just look at the pictures, go "that's cool", and we can all move on with our lives. Except me, I've got some seriou... / Continue →
  • December 10, 2010
    So ThinkGeek is selling a $13 Monolith Action Figure from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's basically a piece of rectangular molded plastic and ranks right up there with Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane (read: near the bottom). Product highlights: Properly proportioned to those in... / Continue →
  • July 13, 2010
    ROFLASVOMNOMGIB! That's what you get for using a free internet translator instead of hiring somebody. Also, who knew Batman turned into Spiderman after finding equipment under his house? Because I've been under my house before and I didn't turn from one superhero into anothe... / Continue →
  • June 8, 2010
    This is a really crappy superhero (read: superfailro) action figure picked up at some toy show. He's a combination of at least four popular crime-fighters. Basically he's got Spiderman's body, painted like Superman's, but with Batman's cape (dyed red), Iron Man's arc-reactor ... / Continue →
  • April 28, 2010
    This is a president Barack Obama action figure. Or, if you want to get technical, a "1/6 Scale Truetype Body - African American Advanced TTM-15". OMG, I THINK HE'S A TERMINATOR. Kidding, that's the governor model. *zing!* Granted we've already seen an Obama action figure be... / Continue →
  • January 15, 2010
    I honestly didn't know his name was Mola Ram, but hey -- you learn something new everyday. Like today I learned repeatedly slamming your penis in a car door doesn't necessarily impress the cart-returner at the grocery store the way you'd expect (somebody call a locksmith). T... / Continue →
  • October 23, 2009
    I never saw the new Indiana Jones movie because I prefer my childhood memories un-desecrated, but for those of you that did, and actually liked it, there's this $175 Kingdom of the Crystal Skull action figure. And it comes complete with the lead-lined fridge Indy uses to survi... / Continue →
  • October 2, 2009
    Up on the auction block is a $45 Hasbro Optimus Prime action figure that's been meticulously modded and painted to match the leader of the Autobot's appearance in Revenge of the Fallen. The level of detail is amazing. Unfortunately, so is the price: bidding is currently at $7... / Continue →
  • March 11, 2009
    This is a picture of Dr. Claw's face from Inspector Gadget. For those of you who wanted to keep it a mystery, I'm sorry, but I was too lazy to edit a picture with a censor bar. Oh, and the Easter Bunny isn't real either -- it's just some sex offender in a rabbit costume. Gee... / Continue →