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  • January 12, 2009
    And that, my friends, is why I never leave the house. Youtube Thanks to The free faller, who took one wrong step.... / Continue →
  • August 11, 2008
    Armin Heinrich made a $1,000 iPhone application called "I Am Rich" that doesn't do anything but open a picture of a glowing red gem. That way, nobody will feel bad about stealing your phone. And, God willing, punching you in the teeth with a car. The app displays a glowing... / Continue →
  • August 5, 2008
    Well folks, it happened. Somebody went and named their energy drink after a slang term for a woman's nether region. Or a cat. The one that starts with p and ends with ussy. Yep. This is almost as bad as the German Poontang Juice. (Our product) is unique. It is made with... / Continue →
  • July 24, 2008
    Still looking for that special someone zombie? Well look no further than ZombieHarmony, an online dating service for the undead. ZombieHarmony...because the apocalypse doesn't have to be lonely. But don't go trying to use the site if you haven't been infected. Disclaimer: ... / Continue →
  • July 18, 2008
    Some guy opened his laptop to make a repair and found a rogue keylogger up in that mother. What could this mean? I called Dell tech support about it, and they said, and I quote, "The integrated service tag identifier is there for assisting customers in the event of lost or mis... / Continue →
  • July 17, 2008
    First there were cat wigs, then dog wigs, and now, baby wigs. Baby Toupees are "small wigs for small people" and cost $22 apiece. Thankfully these weren't available when I was a baby or my mom would have bought them all. Baby Toupee: $22. F***ing your kids up for life: pric... / Continue →
  • July 11, 2008
    This is a video of a guy lying down on a motorcycle and text messaging, all while cruising down the highway in New Delhi, India. No way? Yes way! And also, holy shit! Have a great weekend everybody. Youtube Thanks to Lockjaw and Julian for showing me the most ridiculou... / Continue →
  • June 20, 2008
    A woman in Croatia died in 1966 while watching television in her apartment, and was just now discovered. Hedviga Golik made herself a cup of tea and sat down to watch some television in her hometown of Zagreb, Croatia. Sadly, she died in her chair. This was in 1966. She was ju... / Continue →
  • June 11, 2008
    If there's one thing I love in life, it's a good gun-firing blooper video. Sex-blooper videos are good too, but often remind me of my own incredible shortcomings (falling off the toilet, thinking I'm the only one home). Well this particular video is gun-only, but still aweso... / Continue →
  • May 29, 2008
    If there's one thing I hate in the world it's robots. And that hate is only trumped by cute little monkeys in laboratories controlling robots with their brains. F'ing a. So yeah, a bunch of scientists that deserve to have their diplomas and lab jackets revoked have taught so... / Continue →
  • May 20, 2008
    The Disaster Relief Robot was designed by Daniel Shankland, the same sick bastard behind the Firefighting Robot. The two robots were "designed with the same core parts and then specialized for the tasks we wanted them to complete." In this case they're supposed to aid disaste... / Continue →
  • May 20, 2008
    Did you read the post title carefully? That's right folks, somebody made a flying phallus and flew it into a news conference when Russian chess grandmaster and political activist Garry Kasparov was giving a speech. No idea if Vladamir Putin was the man behind the styrofoam sa... / Continue →
  • May 14, 2008
    Michael, a brave member of my underground anti-robot coalition, the Fairly Unorganized Brotherhood Of Technology Saboteurs (FU-BOTS) did a little reconnaissance work at the recent Makers Faire to scope out our potential robotic killers. He brought along his trusty bowtie spy c... / Continue →
  • April 22, 2008
    Well folks, it's been nice knowing you, but we're officially as good as dead. The robot apocalypse is upon us and our new overlords will not stop until every last one of us has been dragged in and chopped to bite sized pieces by these monstrosities. Currently "owned" by the T... / Continue →
  • April 17, 2008
    These are massage pants from the Wenzhou Wonderful Massage Equipment Company. What do they do for you? Well I'll tell you, by copy/pasting the product features. Product Features: * Built-7 group of super vibration massage, a scientific and rational allocation * Ring far infr... / Continue →
  • April 16, 2008
    This isn't geeky, but it is awesome, if only in a freakish, sad kind of way. Dede Koswara, 37, is known as the 'Tree Man of Java' because he looks like a tree (those are his actual feet at the bottom of the picture). He has an extremely rare immune deficiency that prevents his... / Continue →
  • April 8, 2008
    Okay, since the baby chocolates turned out to be a hoax, submitter beefytee decided to really ramp up the creepy, disturbing factor to an 11 with this tip. If you've recently eaten lunch or are about to, save reading it for later. Placenta 10000 is a jelly drink. With plac... / Continue →
  • April 3, 2008
    I know what you're thinking -- the Geekologie writer has lost it and is posting fuzzy pictures of a scrambled skin-flick on Cinemax. Well, you're wrong. What you're actually seeing is a picture of two million plastic beverage bottles -- the amount used in the United States ev... / Continue →
  • February 28, 2008
    A Toronto man nicknamed Pauly Unstoppable has been the first person to receive an experimental "eyeball tattoo". Basically a tattoo artist injected blue ink into Pauly's eye until it was completely blue -- some 40+ injections! Holy hellfire, shit and brimstone that is freakin... / Continue →
  • February 13, 2008
    This the l337 Eye Chart. It has some really basic acronyms people use online, but in the form of an eye chart! It says at the bottom if you can read it then you have l337 eyes. And I could, so my eyez must b teh l337! Unfortunately having l337 eyes doesn't come with wall ha... / Continue →