GAAAAAAAAH!!: Creepy Makeup Neck Veins

TOO LATE WARNING: NOT UNSEEABLE. I don't like that. It's giving me the heeby-jeebies. "You mean a boner?" No, I mean the heeby-jeebies. My penis is actually...
June 6, 2011

Cow Grows Unicorn Horn, Dubbed 'Unicow'

LEARN HOW TO COUNT CORNS, PEOPLE -- THERE'S NOTHING UNI ABOUT THAT HEIFER! Apparently a Chinese cow has grown a big-ass horn in the middle of its...
December 21, 2010

Mutant!: Rare All-Black King Penguin Spotted

National Geographic photographer Andrew Evans recently spotted this rare color mutation of a King Penguin on the island of South Georgia, near Alabama Antarctica. Apparently the all-black...
March 11, 2010