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  • June 25, 2014
    This is an 80's dance version of the Game of Thrones theme created by 24-year old Russian producer Steve Duzz. It's worth a listen. Then we can all get neon spandexed out and have a dance party at my place! "Seriously?" No, anybody wearing neon spandex in my apartment gets ... / Continue →
  • March 15, 2012
    I need one for every day of the week! Just kidding, I'll wear the same one every day because I'm nasty. This is an 8-bit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sweater available for pre-order (shipping in June) from Entertainment Earth. Plus it's only $40! I didn't know you could even... / Continue →
  • February 15, 2011
    This is a video from the same makers as the 'If God of War was a Wes Anderson Movie' and ' " target="_blank">Inglourious Plummers' flicks. It's the story of Link and Zelda as told as an 80's coming of age film (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Say Anything, etc.).... / Continue →
  • October 27, 2009
    This is an awesome 80's cake that combines elements of this cake, this cake, sort of this cake, and these blue bastards. Really takes you back, doesn't it? I remember watching Smurfs. And I, for one, am not ashamed to admit that I know you had a crush on Smurfette. She's no... / Continue →
  • June 2, 2009
    This is a literal video for Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt the 80's were wack as a mother. Of course, current music videos could be just as weird, but I don't watch MTV because I'm not in middle school anymore. Kidding, cab... / Continue →
  • May 25, 2009
    The Cap-sac came out in 1987 but didn't sell very well because there was no internet then. But now, thanks to a magical series of tubes, the Cap-sac is back to the future and helping people get laid and store things at the same time. It's a fanny pack for your head, yo. Avai... / Continue →
  • October 17, 2008
    This is another literal music video from the same guy that brought us A-Ha's Take On Me. Except now it's Tears For Fears and Head Over Heels. Jesus, music videos were freaking weird in the 80's. Thankfully we've gotten over that. Or have we? I don't know, I don't watch MTV... / Continue →
  • October 14, 2008
    Even after 23 years, A-Ha's Take on Me music video remains one of the best ever made. And, in late celebration, somebody went and made a literal translation of it, complete with subtitles. Definitely worth a viewing. I love the "this guy's gonna get an ass full of pipe wrenc... / Continue →
  • September 2, 2008
    Need a new pair of sunglasses? Looking for an 80's pair that screams "I love Microsoft and don't care if I look like Billy Joel's grundle"? What you're seeing is the only pair of 1980's Hot Green Microsoft sunglasses around! A reliable source said these were only given to ... / Continue →
  • May 16, 2008
    We've seen helicopters made of junk, mini-gunning helicopters, and even a couple renditions of personal helicopters, but this is the grandaddy of helisweetness -- Airwolf. Airwolf was an awesome TV show about a supersonic military helicopter and its crew. If you're too young ... / Continue →
  • March 31, 2008
    Remember Tron, the awesome as hell movie from the 80's where Flynn get digitized and has to fight in a computer system? Speaking of which, does anybody know where I can get my hands on one of those sweet glowing frisbee things? Anyway, long story short -- Tron is awesome, I w... / Continue →
  • January 8, 2008
    We posted the Lasonic iPod Boombox back in August, but at that time the thing just seemed conceptual. Then comes CES 2008, and presto, the Lasonic i931 iPod Ghetto Blaster in the flesh! Damn yeah I'm excited. It's MSRP is set at a paltry $169 and the company is currently loo... / Continue →
  • December 12, 2007
    The NES Controller Backpack is available from 80sTees for $40, which isn't too bad for a backpack. Especially one with sweet-ass NES controller styling. It's got one large compartment and three smaller ones, so there's plenty of room for all your stuff. This thing really tak... / Continue →
  • December 7, 2007
    Has 2007 been a bad year? Not excited about 2008? Get yourself a flux capacitor from Back to the Future and you can say goodbye to the annoyance of being stuck in current times. Take a vacation to the past, or even the future. For a paltry $220 you can get your hands on the... / Continue →
  • September 24, 2007
    Yeah, so these guys made a real life Donkey Kong game. The real fun starts about halfway through the video. It looks difficult, but it may just be that the dumb bastard playing is clumsy. I'd have been up to the top and necking with the princess before Mr. Kong could beat hi... / Continue →
  • August 27, 2007
    Arthur Wu, who is clearly a bread heating genius, has designed the Toasty Single Serving Toaster. It looks like a cross between a cassette tape player and an appliance from the 50's, which makes it awesome. It may only heat one piece of bread at a time, but who cares, it has ... / Continue →
  • August 14, 2007
    If you're anything like me you spent the 80's rocking a Member's Only jacket and carrying around a ghetto blaster and a piece of cardboard so you'd be ready to break anywhere and everywhere. Well Lasonic is releasing an updated version of one of their most popular Boombox mode... / Continue →