Frequently Asked Questions

This is old. Why did you post about it?
Probably because we're not as cool as you.

Can I link to Geekologie?
Of course! Don't even bother asking.

Do I need to give my e-mail address when commenting?
Yes, but it will always be kept private and never shown or sold. You can even put a fake one if you're into that sort of thing.

Are there adware/spyware on Geekologie?
Absolutely not. We hate that stuff as much as you guys, and promise you will never receive adware or spyware from the site.

Can I buy the stuff shown on Geekologie?
Unfortunately, no, you can’t. At least not from us. We'll usually point you in the right direction, but we don't sell anything directly from the site. Except our dignity, of course.

Can I send you products to review?
Sure you can, but we can't guarantee it'll be a positive review. Make sure you can handle the painful sting of our unbiased criticism before sending us anything. If you'd like to send us something to review, contact us first using our contact form.

Who do I contact concerning feedback, news tips, corrections, or sponsorships?
You can send us all that good stuff using our contact form.