Under Warranty: Tesla Owner Hears Kitten Stuck In Bumper, Has Removed By Service Technician

June 20, 2017


What the -- you're not Ceiling Cat.

These are two videos posted by Youtuber S U. The first is a video of him discovering there's a kitten that somehow climbed and is now stuck in his rear bumper (he speculates the cat entered through a hole in the wheel wheel for the shock absorber). The second video is a Tesla service technician removing said cat from the bumper. One of the other Tesla technicians is adopting the cat, which they named Tessie. Happy endings! The end of the movie I just watched? Not so happy. "What was it?" A home movie of my uncle falling off his roof.

Keep going for the videos while I speculate if driving around with a cat stuck somewhere in the rear of your car is a good idea.

Thanks to Brad, who's not convinced this guy didn't make these videos to pick up chicks because he owns a Tesla and is an animal lover.

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    i have a white cat myself.
    she even eats lizzards.
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  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm often very glad I never went into a mechanic career because working on cars really sucks. Especially the kind of cars that don't get taken to the dealer for service.

    However... if they had Tesla cars back when I was fresh out of high school I might have taken a longer look at a mechanic career. The cars themselves are so clean and they don't have oil all over the place. You wouldn't be huffing exhaust during diagnostics. You might have a sense of smell and taste by the time you're 40.

  • Helder Cervantes

    I took a kitten out of a car's engine once, named her Turbo

  • GeneralDisorder

    One Halloween I took the kids trick-or-treating in my hometown with my ex-sister-in-law and her kids (which was a mistake) and in our travels we found a little meow-box under the hood of our family friend's log truck. It was named garage kitty because the kitty lived in the garage. I don't think it ever got a real name. He was super soft though. Like rabbit fur.

  • the Dude

    My mom's front porch gets a litter of kittens at least once a year, and when we get irrigation their mom always leaves them behind. So we always had to dig them out from drowning and put them in a litter for the mom to find again

  • captaindash

    That's awesome you do that. *high 5*!

  • Austin Daniel

    Tesla is truly a modern, internet era company. They use cat memes to power their vehicles.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Hey, I just rescued a kitten too, 5 days ago. (Not from a Tesla bumper, but from a gas station parking lot) She was filthy and starving to death, but now she's doing great!

    Never thought I'd ever own a cat. (contrary to what my silly avatar may imply) But the universe decided I needed one, I guess.

  • captaindash

    The universe decided right.

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