South Korea's Impressively Functional Mech Robot

December 21, 2016


This is a video demonstration of South Korea's Avatar inspired mech robot. The robot's arms mimic those of the operator inside. It can also walk surprisingly well, although it looks like the pilot didn't feel safe remaining in the cockpit for that demonstration. Overall it's pretty impressive though. When reached for comment about South Korea's new mech robot, North Korea insisted they already have a fully weaponized version that's twice as tall, four times as fast, and responsible for making the sun shine.

Keep going for the video.

  • Good one - greating from Poland -

  • Miguel Calvimonte

    Armored Core, here we go!

  • It's fake. VItaly Bulgarov is a 3D animation designer that worked on the Transformers in the last movie.

  • event

    Yup, the shadows are all wrong.

  • That doesn't, necessarily, make it a fake

  • craig37f .

    I wonder if they will try to enter the US/JAPAN robot battle?

  • Meh

    Excellent stuff, no 30m jumps but acceptable. Can't wait for the future to improve on our shitty planet.

  • Jon

    Does it come in pink?

  • Titty McNipplefondler

    i surrender

  • Doog

    Dang I already submitted my list to Santa for this year.

  • Geekologie

    try faxing an updated list, it's worth a shot

  • Doog

    Good idea! I tried emailing, but got a bounce back from Santa@TheNorthPole,com

  • Maybe it's because you used a " , " instead of " . "

  • Sounds like someone's jealous they're getting a "." instead of a ",".

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