Woopsie: How Not To Load A Truckload Of Pipes Onto A Barge

September 26, 2016


This is a video from Ukraine of a truck hauling pipes trying to transfer those pipes to a barge. Things do not go as intended, and SPOILER: the entire truck ends up in the drink. At first I thought the driver never got out, but after watching again I noticed he actually bails out around 1:20 when things really start going south (he looks like The Penguin wearing a flannel shirt). I love it when stuff like this happens. Mostly because I like to remind myself that, no matter what, somebody out there is having a worse day than I am. There is comfort in that. Also: unfortunately for that guy in red, it appears the man standing behind him was able to upload his video to Youtube first.

Keep going for the video. Oh, I don't think this was actually the truck driver's fault -- there was nothing preventing the barge from moving when the truck drove onto it.

Thanks to Damien, who would have just reversed his truck at full speed then slammed on the brakes and let momentum move those pipes onto the truck. Phuck yeah, physics.

  • wisechiver

    when the trailer hit the barge, every time he hit the brakes it pushed the barge back. Should have disconnected the trailer brakes and all would have been well.

  • Frag Monger

    Why did the truck keep backing up? As soon as people realized the barge was moving and yelled out to him, he should have pulled back forward.
    Also, as others have said, the Tug should have been 'pushing'.

  • failquail

    Looks like he tried, the back wheels lock for a second, then he either stalls it and bails or just bails. :)

    Not sure the tug would be powerful enough to help, though it does indeed look like they didn't even try. The barge clearly should have been tied to the bank there IMHO.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    It looks like the tilt caused by the boat moving lifted his tires up just enough that he lost traction.

  • failquail

    That would indeed justify the driver bailing out. :)

  • Munihausen

    Why wasn't the tugboat pushing? 'Cuz Russia?

  • This was posted in a misguided article on Gizmodo tearing into the truck driver. Luckily GW is smarter than your average gawker media "editor". #shotsfired

  • mary.wyatt.91

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  • Draco Basileus

    Nailed it! But sadly the Russian judge still gave him a 4 out of 10.

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