Fan-Made Trailer For A Zelda x Studio Ghibli Movie

September 23, 2016


These are the movie posters and trailer created by two first names artist Matt Vince for an imagined Zelda movie in the style of Studio Ghibli. If such a movie existed, I would eat it up. And not like a kid tasting sand for the first time, but like how my dog eats wet dog food. Voraciously. I try to get her to slow down but she won't, she just inhales it. Like me with the fumes when I'm pumping gas. *daydreaming, inhales deeply* Man, that and fingernail polish remover.

Hit the jump for the other two posters and trailer.



Thanks to Dunc, who already pre-ordered the make-believe Blu-Ray.

  • Wiley

    Damnit! I couldn't click this fast enough and had such high hopes, but... I'm not sold on franchise success alone. Animation is my favorite art form and in the end this is just a bit dull. Even for the atmosphere they were going for. It just left me empty. Beautiful shots, but one frame by frame horse gallop, that is panned away too soon, and a few fairielike wisps wasn't enough for me. I understand this takes a lot of effort but there needed to be more life. Sadly, there was no magic here for me and I feel awful admitting it.

  • Daphinelmoore4

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  • Looks Fan friggin Tastic!

  • Meh

    Love Ghibli, hate Zelda, way too overrated. Dislikes.

  • TheQiwiMan


  • Geekologie

    those are fighting words

  • Meh

    Meet you in the starbucks parking lot GW! Uhm right i don't have one near me, closest one is Amsterdam Airport. Tomorrow at the dawn of light!

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