WTF Is That?!: Picking Up A Giant 10-Pound Black Sea Slug

August 31, 2016


This is a video of the folks from Youtube channel Brave Wilderness playing with a black sea hare. It's called a black sea hare because it's black and its head tentacles kind of look like a hare's ears provided you've never actually seen a hare before and only had them described to you by somebody who's bad at describing things. I thought vaginas went from side-to-side until I was in college, I really did. The black sea hare is black as a result of its algae and seaweed diet and can grow to over 3 feet and 30 pounds. This one is only around ten pounds though, or a "little shrimp" as the much larger black sea hares like to call him. So -- you think the tortoise could beat this guy in a race or what? Also, I'm still not convinced that isn't just a piece of shit Ursula brought to life with a spell.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dougie, who would have licked it hoping it turns into a mermaid princess.

  • Mr. Popo

    That looks like Mr. Popo's Manhood when it's cold.

  • Clampity

    It looks like the black goop Salad Fingers barfed up.

  • Jenness

    I have always been a bit annoyed that these TV personalities manhandle wildlife to the extent they do and then freak out when people do it and kill the animals.

    They never seem to state, as this show didn't, how they cleaned their hands or any special training or what never to do if you touch one or how long each animals can (if at all) be handled, etc.

    Instead it is so edited it looks like they just grab the thing and screw with it for a long time and then toss it back.

    Sadly, there are a lot of people who are in the news now for doing the same thing to baby dolphins, swans (just thinking of the most recent headline) and the animals die and the people are shocked because they say "I saw them do it for longer on TV with big hot cameras - and I just wanted a selfie with my phone." because they don't understand the whole 'editing' thing and that they don't show the frequent breaks of putting the things back in the water or duplicating footage already shot,

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