Man Fights Off Armed Carjackers With Pressure Washer

August 1, 2016


This is the dash-cam footage from Michael Davis's car, which Michael was pressure-washing at a self-service carwash in Shreveport, Louisiana at 2AM (like a normal person is apt to do) when two masked gunmen try to carjack him. What they would-be thieves forgot was that Michael was already holding a weapon of his own -- and wasn't afraid to try to pressure wash their f*cking eyeballs out.

Davis closed the distance with his attacker, then sprayed him in the face. When a second criminal came at him, Davis sprayed him, too.

Both attackers fled the scene, though their actions were captured on Davis's dashboard camera. Davis tells Fox 61 News: "The whole situation to me was almost surreal."

David, who has since been declared a national hero by yours truly, doesn't even lose the cigarette hanging from his lips throughout the entire ordeal. Clearly that's a man who's cool under pressure. Now, I'm not saying it's fairly obvious that David was actually at the carwash at 2AM to pressure-wash his giant balls clean without anybody seeing, but it's really only thing that really make sense if you think about it. I'm a detective.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to n0nentity, who would have soaped and waxed those guys so hard.

  • 2am is the best time to wash your car. You get less water spots when the car isn't in the heat or sun. My brother does it all the time, though he IS a loon.

  • PUNX

    those power washers hurt. at my local one I accidently prayed the back of my had and it peeled some skin off. I can imagine getting sprayed in the face or in the eye balls

  • Another Silly Willy

    1406 is 2PM. detective clues like...the sun light. Fuck your dumb as shit. But its alright. We like you. It is funny when you try to think and write.

  • brodyc

    "your dumb as shit"


  • Andrew


  • Jba

    It's 2am moron. That's not sunlight, that's the lights refracting through the water on the windshield. You could also try looking at the sky, which is pitch black, Detective. His dashcam timestamp is wrong. Read the source article. And lay off the roids.

  • GeneralDisorder

    And why would the lights above the fuel pumps be on at 2 pm?

  • AtomicAcorn

    u wot?

  • Jason Christopher

    Dude is lucky those guns weren't loaded (I'm assuming they weren't loaded, otherwise the tough guys would have pulled the triggers instead of running away after being sprayed with some water). Balls of steel!

  • King POTUS

    Might have just not had the guts to kill a man when it came down to it.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Most people who carry guns with intent to commit crimes only carry a gun because they expect no resistance when they're armed. Sure, there's people out there who'd think nothing of pulling the trigger. They might even slap the victim as he or she lay dying and call the victim names. But the vast majority of criminals just want to take your stuff and make money from it. Or perhaps if you have a fast car they want to take the fast car and drive like morons for prestige.

  • Fefo Astrada

    Only one thing to say... Bazzinga!

  • Munihausen

    Excellent soapjitsu

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