Oh, Internet: Sir Patrick Stewart Sings Classic Cowboy Songs

July 6, 2016


This is a video in the style of one of those old Time Life Music Collection commercials (think 'Now That's What I Call Music' for you younger kids) of Sir Patrick Stewart singing classic cowboy songs. He's got some serious pipes (think me but vocal instead of sexual). He also performs one of my all time favorites, 'Ghost Riders In The Sky.' That's one of my go-to songs for karaoke. It drives the women wild. Especially the older redneck women I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever. Still, I'm not one to turn down a free beer and some chewing tobacco. You ever had a woman try to tongue the chewing tobacco out of your cheek while you kiss? I think puked in her mouth a little. And on her cowboy boots a lot. I could really use a time machine.

Keep going for the video. The whole collection isn't actually a real thing but you can buy a 5-track CD of some of the songs HERE with all proceeds benefiting the International Rescue Committee.

Thanks to carey, who's holding out for the Patrick Stewart metal collection like the rest of us.

  • GeneralDisorder

    He voiced Avery Bullock on American Dad and sang some unusual songs for the character. I couldn't tell you which episode.

  • Richard H Sanford

    This is hilarious, but only because he can really sing very well. With his English accent. Yep.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Just when I thought Sir Pat Stewy couldn't get any hawter.


  • Zoidbert

    You guys have heard him doing narration (and background singing) on Brent Spiner's album way back when, right? https://youtu.be/0VlwK5wPbAo

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