Man Demonstrates The Incredible Brightness Of A 20,000 Watt Lightbulb

July 21, 2016


Seen here in what can only be described in a future police report as 'some sort of mad scientist's lab,' Youtuber Photonicinduction demonstrates the intensity of a 20,000 watt light bulb used to illuminate large movie sets (and costs $3,000). For reference, must bulbs around your house are probably 60 or 100 watts, unless you're growing weed in the basement in which case maybe you have a couple 1,000's and an activated carbon filter for the smell.

"This is unbelievable--I'm starting to sweat," he says. "Bloody hell, it's like having a bonfire in the middle of the room."

Wow, that sounds pretty intense. Still, you do realize your mom is going to kill you when she gets the electric bill next month, right? And what about those plasma bombs on the shelf, does she know you have those? Do I need to call her? Wait, what are you doing? Please -- just put down the ray gun!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to GG, who goes door-to-door tricking old people into paying for sunlight. Wait -- what?! That's genius, I want in.

  • Magnus_Man

    This looks like a bright idea!

  • Xockszky

    Film projectors use a 700 watt bulb, and even those get so hot that you could melt granite with it, I can imagine what this is like! (Also, projector lamps don't just have one filament, they have many filaments so If a few burn out, it still works)

  • I'd like to have an argument

    how long before you can touch the bulb?

  • GeneralDisorder

    I don't know what it's from but at the beginning of the Propellerheads song Bang On! there's an old-timey sounding voice. It goes something like this.

    Banks and banks of humming machinery. I've never seen so many... KNOBS.

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