Oh Wow: Star Wars Fan Builds Remarkable AT-ST Replica

April 7, 2016


These are a handful of shots and two videos of the Imperial AT-ST that a Star Wars fan who does not want to be identified built from scratch out of timber, plastic and scrap metal. It has a full interior, the gun turrets move, the fans in the rear are solar powered and blow, but the unit does not walk. That's a shame. Also, probably much safer. What do you say we buy some land in the forest and build ourselves a treehouse Ewok village? It can be like a hippie commune and we can grow our own food and get naked as much as we want and just live the simple life. Doesn't that sound fun? "Can I bring my cell phone?" Only in your rectum and if I never see it. Seriously, I'm trying to be one with nature here, man.

Keep going for several more shots and two videos -- one of the interior, one of the exterior. A ton more pics of the thing on Imgur.









Thanks to Brad DL, who wants an AT-AT clubhouse. Dammit, everybody wants an AT-AT clubhouse, brad.

  • If this were in my backyard as a kid I would have lived in it every single day of summer, even if it were 120F outside!

  • Matt Fricke

    Because there are Solar-Powered Fans, and that helps :D Riight?

  • JJtoob

    So you would have lived in that thing every single day of summer and then died happy. Toasted, but happy. And so would I.

  • Basically, yes. Pew, pew, pew!

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