Megathrusters Are Go!: A Conceptual Voltron LEGO Set

April 25, 2016


This is the Voltron LEGO set designed and proposed by LEGO Ideas user len_d69. The five lions can be connected to form Voltron with the black lion making up the body, the red and green lions the arms, and blue and yellow the legs. Just like in the cartoon! The project still needs some votes to be considered for production by LEGO so you can go vote HERE if you're interested in making it a reality. I just made four separate accounts so I could vote four times so I did my part. Of course whether or not I actually get the set if LEGO makes it depends on how good I've been this year and whether I'm on Santa's naughty or nice list. So, which one am I on right now, big guy? "You made it on my special new list. Which is? "A hit list." What! *sniper fire*

Keep going for several more shots.






Thanks to Marc B, who sounded super excited in his email and could probably teach lessons about writing in all caps.

  • David Bass

    hey I just got into the office. It's um...April 29 2026 1:45PM Los Angeles I'm exhausted.
    Please read this Geekologie Guy,
    I love you.
    With this Voltron Lego post I will finally create the INVITE card. this is a reality card I've been producing to solidify and control reality.
    This INVITE card is an invite to my SECRET GAY WEDDING Wedding with a guy I can not talk about in full detail, though I am an "openly gay homosexual" I decided that he will remain, "in the closet" which makes it a little more sexier for me...this is a secret where I CONvince a male Catholic Priest and TRICK him into marring two men in the first ever real Gay Wedding between a Man and a Man...(I'm a Man and so is he) I may have to cross-dress up in drag...even though I'm wearing white I still kind of want to wear a suit but like, I want it designed like...wait.

    Sincerely yours,


  • David Bass

    p.s.s. This Voltron LEGO BRICK set fucking better be you wedding gift.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    ...I'm in KoreaTown.

  • David Bass

    love me.

  • KLanD

    But.. is it really a lego set if it's all custom pieces?

  • Rufio_the_Lostboy

    custom pieces? what are you talking about?

  • KLanD

    Umm.. all the non standard pieces?

  • Rufio_the_Lostboy

    non-standard? do you mean bricks that aren't literal bricks? is the last time you bought lego bricks in the 60's?

  • KLanD

    Nope, I buy em for my kids all the time.. they are still pretty much just bricks and special pieces. However, the special pieces can often be found in several different sets. This seems more like Kreo than Lego.

  • Rufio_the_Lostboy

    idk man. put the slave i set next to this and it is the same shit. basically look at any set that is $50+ that includes a spaceship, submarine, mechsuit, etc and it looks the exact same as this Voltron set. Although each of those cats look like they'd be $50-70. Can't imagine what they'd charge for this set if it ever did become real.

  • KLanD

    To be fair.. I have not bought any of those uber collectors sets.

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  • KLanD

    Hmm.. I though cam whores made more than that..

  • GeneralDisorder

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  • savetherepublic2018

    Yep. Notice the link (mouse over) has a dot AT? Probably have some virus's on their site according to one post I saw.

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