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Homies Help Homies: LEGO Confirms 'Adventure Time' Set


LEGO has just confirmed that, after getting the requisite votes and being reviewed on their LEGO Ideas website (plus securing the licensing rights), the company will produce an official Adventure Time set later this year/early next year. The set will be based on the one above, designed by LEGOManiac aBetterMonkey. It's basically a bunch of the characters. Cool, but I was really hoping for a Jake and Finn's Tree Fort set. Or Princess Bubblegum's castle. I guess I'll have to build those on my own though which will never happen because I don't have the engineering skills, patience, hand-eye coordination, good looks or money to ever make that happen. I like this set, this is a cool set.

Thanks to me, for managing to put up with myself day-in and day-out. I know it's not easy.

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  • imutau

    wheres the Lego Bacon, Pancakes?

  • Cory Campion

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  • AtomicMountain

    They should put a clear Lego block under Marcelene's feet, because she floats.

  • Want so badly... I guess not badly enough to spend the ridiculous amount it probably will cost, but still enough to think wistfully about it. Ye know what I DO want really badly though, is a print of that nude they have hanging over their sofa. Awesome piece...

  • David Bass

    wait thats ....okay thats awesome. Good.
    whats up?

  • IronMant

    Ohhh myyy.

  • JimmyJam


  • NEO_Lardo

    Hey everyone,

    Speaking of LEGO, come check out the Combination Chess game I invented (long ago) and submitted to LEGO Ideas recently. In this game, when you capture an enemy piece, you gain its movement and capture abilities. LEGO works great for this because you can just stack one piece on top of the other.

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