VROOM: POV Of Dragster Going 0 - 316 MPH In 3.77 Sec

February 12, 2016


WARNING: Audio sounds like a thousand shuttles taking off, lower the volume.

This is a point of view video of Top Fuel drag racer Shawn Langdon blasting from 0 to 316 MPH in 3.77 seconds. For reference, that is entirely too fast. I don't even feel comfortable driving over 50 MPH because my car starts to rattle and one time a wheel came off and passed me on the shoulder. No, I like to keep things right around 35 MPH. And I don't like highways. I like roads where the speed limit is 35 and I'll go 30. School zones are the best. I don't do anything over 25 MPH. I like residential streets where the posted speed limit is 10MPH. I don't feel safe driving at all, I bike everywhere. Anything with wheels scares me, I only walk places. I don't do stairs though because I have easily twist-able ankles. I haven't left my apartment in 84 days.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to Gregbot, whose drag racer goes twice as fast but he doesn't like to brag about it because this isn't a pissing contest but if it was he could pee all the way around the world and on the back of his own legs.

  • Marko Djelic

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  • Alex Greene

    If you actually think that this video was loud then you have never been on the sidelines of one of these races stuffing your fingers in your ears.

  • JJtoob

    "Le'ts go! Ménage à! ... Nooooooo Monicaaaaa!"

  • Jenness

    Would be better if we could see the distance, it's just blur so yes, it's insanely fast - but would be cool to have some sort of scale as to how far he went in that short of time.

  • Bad Habit

    Top fuel dragsters race on a quarter mile track.

  • Jenness

    Thank you! I'm way to lazy to look that up.

  • Simon Hodson

    Top Fuel in the US and Europe run over a 1000ft and have done for several years now.

  • Richard

    A quarter mile?

  • Markas Paliokas

    That was the least impressive thing ever. Doesn't even look fast it lasted like 3 seconds and first 2 min of the video just getting ready. Boring...

  • Frédéric Purenne

    "Doesn't even look fast it lasted like 3 seconds." Those two statements are quite contradicting... Just look at the three guys in yellow jackets on the side when he launches. That's scaringly fast!

    For comparision, it takes me 13 seconds in a modified 2.5L engine car to reach those panels you see at the end of the runway.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I love how it's so damned loud the microphone just nopes out once the engine starts.

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  • TheQiwiMan


  • GeneralDisorder

    The G spot has nothing to do with G forces.

  • What?

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