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Force Awakens In The Style Of Calvin And Hobbes, Part 2


This is another series of Star Wars: The Force Awakens comics in the style of Bill Watterson's Calvin And Hobbes (previously: the first part) by artist Brian Kesinger. If this was a Sunday comic strip, I would read it. Especially since there aren't very many words. That was always my problem with comics -- all the reading. If I wanted to read so bad I'd buy one of those rectangles with all the papers inside. "A book?" YES -- a book. What's up with those? I saw my roommate has a whole shelf of them in his bedroom.

Keep going for nine more.










There are Comments.
  • Sooooooooo cute!

  • JimmyJam

    This needs to be a thing. Carbonite FTW.

  • Tyguy

    What do you mean? IS a thing. Hence, why you're viewing it now.

  • JimmyJam

    I mean, more than what it is. A calendar in his Etsy shop, a T-shirt, etc. Basically something I can haphazardly throw money at.

  • Tyguy

    Haha. I'm sure it will exist if it doesn't already

  • Spiffman Space
  • iofo61

    This is fantastic.

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