8 Ounce Flask Disguised As An Aerosol Deodorant Can

February 2, 2016


This is the $19 Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask available from Multi-Flasking. It looks like a can of knock-off Axe body spray but is really an 8-ounce metal flask. I've drank real body spray before. "For a bet?" Yes, with myself.

Multi-Flasking has just created the most stealth sneaky flask ever, The Bev-Can Secret Body Spray Flask. This secret flask looks exactly like the body spray you buy in the store. No details have been over looked to make it look incredibly realistic. The bottom is made of aluminum, the top is molded plastic with ALL the details of the original cap and most importantly, the printing is almost identical to the body spray can design. We have made it look perfect, so it won't get a second glance from a bouncer at the door of your favorite club.

Wait -- "It won't get a second glance from from a bouncer at the door of your favorite club?" Is that bouncer used to dudes bringing cans of body spray into the bar? Is there anywhere besides New Jersey where that could actually work? I feel like if I tried that here I'd just get laughed at or my arms broken. FUN FACT: I have never been to a bar or club with a dress code because I'd never been up to code in my life. I don't even wear shoes.

Thanks to Scott, who's convinced girls dig a guy drinking out of a fake Axe body spray can in a club's bathroom hallway.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    How many embryos can I transport in it?

  • Where is the one for us women?

  • shashi
  • But then I'd look like I have massive boobs...wait...is that a bad thing?

  • shashi

    Follow your dreams, you can reach your goals, I'm living proof

  • Gene Kaufman

    I mean, I don't know if in the UK the "Lynx" brand is viewed quite as tasteless as it(Axe. It's the same bloody thing. I went over to the UK when I was 16 and bought a can out of curiosity and promptly threw it away) is over here in the States, but seriously couldn't they have been a bit classier? At they could have used Old Spice, or something other than Axe.

  • EstuansNex

    Lynx is generally seen as something only teenagers wear, not tasteless per se, but cheap and teenagery.

  • Shaun9lives

    'Cause you know the discerning gentlemen drinking vodka out of deodorant bottles are classy as fuck.

  • Gene Kaufman

    Maybe in another world, in another time...

  • Jeremy Tilton

    I actually use booze as cologne anyway

  • shashi

    Genius idea! "look officer, its just my extra large bottle of jack daniels branded splash on" https://youtu.be/j2zlPNGuPbw

  • mjspieglan

    Because drinking deodorant will not attract attention.

  • Bling Nye

    If you're going to a club where it's normal to carry in a canister of body spray, you should fucking die in a fire. Preferably, at said club.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Either that or record video and upload the video of people dying to theync or ogrish or morbidreality so others can enjoy... I mean fap to... Crap. You know what I mean.

  • Cameron

    Axe is branded as Lynx in some other countries.

  • Smivey

    Lynx is a European brand, which I believe is owned by the same people as Axe.

  • Gene Kaufman

    It's the same thing.
    Maybe there is a slight difference in recipe due to international difference in laws, but from my recollection the scent is pretty much the same.

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