Because You Can't Tabletop Game Without Snacks: Gaming Dice Cookie Cutters

February 26, 2016


These are the Critical Hit Cookie Cutters available from Thinkgeek. $15 gets you a full set of polyhedral dice cutters including a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20. Unfortunately, there is no seven-sided die cookie cutter. Roll to see how many cookies I eat? *licking crumbs from fingers* Looks like you rolled a 200.

Keep going for one more closeup shot.


Thanks to DieselNuts, who agrees the very best cookies often look like animal shit.

  • Ian Dickinson

    Would like to see how they look after being baked too. How much do they look like dice after that?

  • The one on the tray in the first pic are baked, the one on the counter is still raw...

  • Wiley

    Fairly sure they like it better having us not see them baked. This product is for serving fun shaped cookie dough, to be eaten as dough. Bake at your own fun's risk.

  • Pretty dope, but I'm not much of a cookie guy. Plus I need something heartier for campaigning. I go with my own personal pepperbelly (Frito Pie if you're an asshole) recipe when we get in the dungeons.

    Now make some 20 sided Fritos and were back in business! literally let's start a business and do that.

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